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If SIM Card for NIN Enrolment is Missing

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The challenges faced by Nigerians regarding registration for the National Identity Number (NIN) is enormous, especially for those who lost the phone number linked to their NIN.

As for the prospective candidates of JAMB, the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) has released a special email to address such NIN-related problems

Other questions Nigerians are asking include:


“Please I’ve lost the SIM Card I use in registering my National Identity Number, all efforts to retrieve it proved unsuccessful, what can I do?

Other related questions are:

Nimc I registered for nin in 2016. I can’t find my slip and I already lost the sim. Is there any solution of retrieval or I’ll need to redo another one

Another Nigeria who facing the same challenge tweeted:

I’m in the same situation. To buy another sim card MTN says the new directive is I must present NIN slip.

But to get NIN or the slip I need the sim on my phone. PARADOX. To get ‘A’ you need ‘B’, but to get ‘B’, you need ‘A’

Thousands of Nigerians are in the same problem, here is what you should do if the SIM card linked to your NIN is lost:

Step 1: Visit one of the nearby enrolment centres in your state.

Step 2: Go along with a means of identification.

Step 3: Apply for the data update form. It may not be free

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Step 4: Input your new mobile line

Ordinarily, the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy which recently launched an app for the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) should have gone more digital to make it easier for individuals to update their data right on the app.

The ministry deserves kudos for the NIMC app, but the minister and his team should do more.

In 2020, the government stated that subscribers with NIN have January 19 as the deadline to link their NIN with their SIM cards while subscribers without NIN have until February 9 to do so.

As of October 2020, the total number of mobile network connections was 207.58 million, but currently, only 43 million Nigerians have NIN, thus 164 million telephone users may be deactivated.

Old Phone Number Linked To NIN Is Missing

If you’ve lost an old line linked to your NIN, you are likely to face the issue of sending an OTP to the misplaced SIM card (line).

This is very simple, go to the service centre of your network provider to retrieve the old line by doing a welcome. That way, new messages and OTP will be sent to the new SIM card.

15 Million BVN Linked With NIN

In January 2021, the the former Director-General of NIMC Aliyu Aziz had disclosed that 15 million people with Bank Verification Number (BVN) have been linked with the National Identity Number (NIN).

He said:

“So if you have your BVN and you were captured, what you need to do is to go our website and update your record and then you would be issued the NIN”.

Our thoughts:

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We think NIMC DG goofed because a check on the NIMC portal has no information on how Nigerians at home and abroad could generate NIN with their BVN right on the NIMC portal.

We hope they will continue to improve on their services. The world has gone digital than to slow down the NIN enrolment process through their seemingly archaic process.

Can NIN be linked to more than 1 SIM card?

You can link a maximum of 7 SIM cards to one National Identity Number (NIN). This is made possible on the NIMC Mobile App. You can check our guide on how to link 7 phone numbers to NIN

What is the NIN expiry date?

Unlike a drivers’ license, the National Identification Number (NIN) doesn’t have an expiry date. NIN is a unique 11-digit number issued to a successful enrolled individual.

How do I find out if my NIN number is linked?

You dial the USSD code prescribed by your subscriber. Or login to the NIMC mobile app to check if your SIM card is liked to your NIN

What will happen if I don’t link my NIN to my SIM?

Your SIM card will be blocked after the expiration of the ultimatum given by the Federal Government.

Will my bank account be blocked if my line is not linked to NIN?

Only SIM cards/phone lines will be blocked. But that can also affect prevent you from receiving debit or credit alert on the blocked phone number if the SIM card is linked to your bank account.

Is NIN the same as a national ID card?

How do I get my original NIN card?

You will be notified through SMS when it is ready.

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31 thoughts on “If SIM Card for NIN Enrolment is Missing”


  2. Plz I lost my NIN sim, but my exam details can only be sent to the sim I used in registering it, plz what do I do?

  3. Please the only number linked to my nin isn’t mine and my brother lost the sim already and he’s unable to retrieve it…
    Pls I need an otp code to access my nin
    What can I do to change the number attached?
    I don’t have any other number linked to my nin
    Pls what can I do to add a new number??

  4. My bag was stolen from me , my phone is in the bag, and my nin , what can i do to get back nin please, i don’t have the number i use to register , the sim card is new.please help me , reply me with what i can do to get back my nin

    1. To get back your NIN, go to your network provider to retrieve the phone number associated with your NIN, after that, you can dial the code *346# on the phone line to get back your NIN.
      That’s all.
      Anyone who stole your NIN will not be able to use it because it contains your data and photo.

      1. i put down the code but it is not getting back to me …
        it keep on removing 20 naira
        i went to an nin office but they told me my sim was not active …please how do i go about it
        pls if any solution …….contact my email…….i even made a complain but nth and i really need it bc i am writing jamb soon

  5. Olayiwola Adenike Adrbola

    My phone number is blocked and I can’t get my NIN number kindly send me my NIN number through my email address below thanks

  6. Abdulrazak Dahiru Abdullahi

    Please I registered nin in some way and I don’t get my tracking id. how can I get it
    Because it’s important to me
    Send it to my email address I will be waiting there
    My tracking id pls and the sim card that I register is lost hw can I get my tracking id

  7. I don’t have a Sim card and I want to get one but I don’t have NIN and without Sim I can do NIN and without NIN I can’t register my sim

  8. Owolabi Oluwafemi Esther

    I lost my sim and I can’t travel my slip due to relocation. Can you send my NIN number to my mail

  9. Chioma Jachinma

    I still have my nin slip, but the Sim I used in registering the nin lost since 4 years ago..

    Is it possible for me to retrieve the number with my nin slip?

    1. Oderinde Abimbola Oluwaseun

      Please am also facing the same issue
      Please if you’ve gotten a solution to it can you share with me please

  10. My phone was stolen both with the sim card I use open my NIN,I can’t get my NIN number, kindly send my NIN number through my email address below thanks.

    1. My phone was stolen both with the sim card I use open my NIN,I can’t get my NIN number, kindly send my NIN number through my email address below thanks.

  11. Alamanjo Jude Kelechukwu


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