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8 Easy Steps To Print N-Power Deployment Letter And Upload Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal


Deployment for the N-Power Batch C stream 1 has commenced and the over 500,000 beneficiaries are advised to login to their NASIM portal to know where they’ve been posted.

  • PPA Resumption Date: October 4, 2021 to October 8, 2021
  • Redeployment begins on October 4, 2021
  • Verification Opening Date: September 10, 2021
  • Physical Verification Closing Date: September 30, 2021

Quick tips

  1. Physical verification exercise has been extended by a week, it’s now September 30 instead of Sep 24
  2. You can now check your Physical Verification Centre on your dashboard
  3. You’re expected to report at your PPA on October 4, 2021 and you will be assigned to a supervisor that will appraise you

If you’ve completed all the processes discussed on this page, you’re advised to check our guide on how to change your PPA or redeploy to another state.

Physical Verification Documents

Physical verification exercise now comes before printing of PPA letter, the exercise has started in some states.


In an update received by InfomediaNG, all beneficiaries are advised to proceed to their designated verification centre.

Beneficiaries can now check their physical verification centre by following these steps

  • Step 1: Log into your NASIMS dashboard.
  • Step 2: Click “download PPA letter”
  • Step 3: Enter your BVN, Bank account number, and name of the bank
  • Step 4: Click download “deployment letter”  name and venue of your centre of verification will pop up.

Alternatively, you may dial the dedicated USSD code *45665#, select N-Power, enter your BVN and send.

Verification Documents

You are required to take the following document to the verification centre:

1) Education Credentials: You can present any of the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • OND
  • HND
  • NCE
  • Diploma, or
  • Certificate that corresponds with the qualification specified in your application

2) NYSC Document for degree holders. This could be any of the following:

  • NYSC certificate
  • NYSC exemption letter

3) Document that shows Date of Birth. It could be any of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate

4) Means of Identification. This may include any of these:

  • National ID
  • Voter’s card
  • International Passport
  • Driver’s license

Here is a simple guide on how to download and print your N-Power deployment letter and get it signed and re-upload it back to the portal within three working days.

  • Login to your NASIMS dashboard. There are three menus on the landing page, they include: 1) Overview, 2) Screening, 3) Verification, and 4) Deployment
  • Click the “deployment” button. This would reveal your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), remuneration which is N30,000
  • Click on “Download PPA Letter”
  • Print the PPA letter and take it to your PPA to have it signed by the PPA contact person

n-power deployment letter download button

Requirments to download PPA letter

To gain full access to the PPA letter, you need to input the following details:

  • Your BVN
  • Account number
  • Name of Bank

“Please note that beneficiaries are to resuming with the first 3 days of posting. On resumption, they will be assigned to a supervisor that will appraise them”

How To Upload N-Power Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal

upload N-Power acceptance letter

  • Scan the signed letter
  • Login back to your NASIMS portal
  • Scroll down to the page and upload the signed letter.


Login to your dashboard to check if something is missing in what you uploaded. You may need to update your data again. You can edit every detail if you want as long as it allows you to.

Deployment, Acceptance, And Rejected Letters Explained

The deployment letter becomes an acceptance letter when it’s downloaded and signed by an official of NSIP at your Place of Primary Assignment.

This is how NPower PPA letter looks like. You’re expected to print and take it to your PPA for signing, then scan it and upload it on your portal

There are two options on the letter for officials to tick: 1) accepted and 2) rejected.

If the “ACCEPTED” option is ticked, it becomes an acceptance letter.

When the letter is marked “REJECTED” it becomes a rejection letter.

So, you don’t need to draft another letter as an acceptance letter or rejected letter, the same downloaded letter serves the same purpose

How 2021 Deployment Is Different From 2016, 2017 Deployment Process

Unlike the previous batches of the youth empowerment programme when the power of deployment was in the hands of the state governments, the 2021 batch is completely different.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Developments had before now liaised with states to collate the list of government institutions (schools, health care centre, and agriculture extension centres), so the deployment is done directly from Abuja.

The ministry knows where more hands are needed.

For instance, beneficiaries of the programme in 2016 besieged several state government institutions to know or make changes as par their original place of primary assignment.

Specifically, Osun State created a unique URL (npower.mistosun.info/printout.php) for applicants to print their letters. The URL is now now-defunct.

This time, you can print or request a deployment within your dashboard.

Congratulations to all the selected beneficiaries. Make sure to resume at your PPA on Monday, August 30, 2021.

Error in printing N-Power deployment letter:

At the time of this report, hundreds of the beneficiaries complained that they are unable to download their deployment letter.

Some of the errors they encounter on the portal include:

  • “Too many requests, try again later”
  • “Something went wrong, please refresh”

We thought logging out and back into the portal would work, but we’re wrong. From our checks, the web developer behind the portal has to make some adjustments. This would enable beneficiaries who are expected to take their deployment letter to their PPA on Monday to have the letter signed, scanned and reupload it as their acceptance letter.

We hope the technical are working to resolve the issue.

Have you been able to download your deployment letter? Share your thoughts with thousands of beneficiaries who are reading this right now.

FG Activates N-Power Physical Verification Venue for Beneficiaries

While the majority of the successful beneficiaries for stream 1 are battling with the inability to download and print their deployment letter, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development has started activating verification venues across Nigeria.

The discovery was made by one of the beneficiaries in InfomediaNG N-Power WhatsApp group on Monday, August 30, 2021

Another contributor to the discussion who confirmed the development wrote:

While waiting patiently to download your PPA LETTERS, it’s now certain that there’s physical verification in all 36 states.

We urge you to check their dashboard for the venue of your physical verification center

Final thought:

If you’re unable to print your letter at this time, run a check on your profile once again, some documents are missing, re-upload them, and retry.


74 thoughts on “8 Easy Steps To Print N-Power Deployment Letter And Upload Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal”

  1. Monica

    Please help, I’m unable to upload my PPA letter on my portal after signing
    “UPLOAD” is not written there again

  2. Julius Diseh

    I want to download my PPA letter and it always prompting me “date of birth does not match BVN details” while I have done the necessary changes. what is the solution?

  3. Friday E. Nkase

    Gud-evening sir, i did my physical verification, the issue i was having was date of birth,which was not the same, but i later edited it now it corresponded with my bvn and my n power dashboard, up now i can’t still down load my deployment letter. What should i do in such issue? thanks

  4. Aromokeye funmi

    I have done my physical verification and I pass, and for the past one week up to date I can’t stil download my PPA letter bcos my passport was nt showing on my PPA letter,and when I tried to upload a passport it will show another person passport on my PPA letter


    Am unable to download my PPA letter keep saying error too much request,date of birth not match even when it was ratified from my bank.what should I do at this point.



    1. Ope Quadri

      You can apply for a redeployment by October 4, 2021

  7. david onyuku

    I have done my physical verification but can’t download my PPA letter it keeps telling me poor internet connection since last week

    1. Junaid Abimbola

      Finding it difficult to download mine as well. It keeps telling me too many requests received.

  8. Oladepo Folashade

    Please my local government is ede South and they post me to ilesha east local government,I haven’t download my PPA letter they said I should go for physical verification and I go there they said there is nothing like physical verification on their side. Since September 15 till now it’s show the same thing ,please what can I do

  9. Eno Sunday

    I cannot download my PPA letter, the said I should update my date of birth, so what should I do?

    1. George Joseph

      I have same issue I went to the bank to complain u was given a form to fill which I did after that the told me to wait for 48hrs for the correction to reflect I waited that was on Thursday last week I was told it will reflect on Tuesday till date I still get the same error message date of birth does not match Bvn details it’s so frustrating

    2. Ope Quadri

      It’s a technical issue. I’ll be fixed by npower

  10. Bridget

    II have been deployed and asked to go for physical verification. I have tried downloading my PPA letter severally and it keeps giving me a pop up message “date of birth does not match your bvn”
    Having done so many times, I had to check with my bank and only to discover that there is discrepancies on the date on my bvn and my bvn on my profile has already been verified.
    On my dashboard too, I have a message “You have not done your physical verification” thereabouts.
    Please what do I do? Will this issue affect my chances of being a beneficiary?

  11. Akowe A.

    My name is akowe. Iam unable to download my ppa letter after my physical verification. What next?

  12. Good morning, sir/ma. I have been deployed and I have passed my physical verification but I can’t print out my PPA letter because it’s showing that my date of birth does not match my BVN. Please,what do I do? Thank you.

  13. Ovie Oburhie

    Good day sir. I have successfully done all my verification and my letter has been signed and uploaded.but I recently discovered that my account details were no longer showing on my review page. Should I be worried?

    1. Ope Quadri

      Hey Oburhie,

      Please don’t post your account details on a public forum or page like this.

      To the issue, you don’t have to be worried, clear your cache and login again. or it could possibly be a technical issue from NASIMS

      1. M lawan

        I have been deployed and after printing my ppa letter signed and I uploaded it back, now they have changed my ppa to a different place please what should I do?

        1. Ope Quadri

          Hello M Lawal, NASIMS portal is having some technical issues at the moment. Ignore the second PPA. Your first choice is still valid.

  14. Idakwo Eunice

    We from kwali area council, there’s nothing like physical verification going on in the area council please we need help

    1. Ope Quadri

      Hey Eunice, verification will not start at the same time across the country. For instance, it started in Oriade LGA of Osun State on September 10 while it started on Tuesday, September 14 at Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo LGA of Ondo State.

      Keep in touch with your colleagues in the area.

  15. Aisha Musa

    Hello I can’t see my deployment letter it shows me you have not been deployed yet, but before I have been deployed please what’s the problem

  16. Arinze Promise

    if my date of birth is not the same with my bvn will it affect my PPA letter? and how do i change my date of birth?

      1. Bridget

        I also had a similar issue as date of birth not matching my bvn.
        When this became too frequent, I got curious and checked with my bank and noticed the discrepancies then got it fixed promptly still, I cannot download my PPA letter as it is still giving me the.same message.
        Please will this affect my chances of being a beneficiary?

      2. I have filled the BVN update form from my bank and everything corrected, yet it is still showing date of birth does not match. What do I do?

  17. Esther

    Am asked to go for my physical verification but am yet to print my letter and is To whom result acceptable


    if my ppa is too fer for me how do i do and i have still be able to print my letter

  19. Valentine Yibaere Golden

    Please I have downloaded and signed my letter before I heard of going for my physical verification first, can I still take it to my physical verification venue as it has already been signed?

    1. Ope Quadri

      Hey Valentine, you don’t necessarily need to go to the verification venue with your deployment. Scan and upload the letter in your personal portal if it has been signed.

  20. Adimchi

    I was able to pass through the ”download PPA” but I didn’t get any soft copy download, all i saw was a pop up of my venue for physical verification

  21. Ayuba Joshua Jerome

    i could not download my PPA but they said i should go for physical verification, please what should i do?

      1. Etuh Mabel

        I have problems with my verification venue, firstly, is it it possible to be posted to another local government that is not your own Local government? On my verification venue I saw Ibaji Local Government secretariat Ugwolawo while my Local government is Ofu Local Government secretariat Ugwolawo, I believe is a typical error, how can it be corrected please

  22. Charles

    Please can some help me have done this to download my deployment letter for 8 day now is not working at all I just don’t know what to again please i need I have still try all night can’t even sleep but is not working please what can I do

  23. blessing

    l cannot download my redeployment letter since August 29th

  24. Happiness

    I’ve been asked to proceed to physical verification but couldn’t print my ppa for upload. What do I do?

    1. Ope Quadri

      Hello Happiness,

      Go for your physical verification. Hundreds of other beneficiaries are facing the same issue, you are not alone.

      1. Happiness

        My worry now is how do I upload my acceptance letter

      2. Oluchuli

        I’ve done my physical verification on Friday 10th September but can’t still download my ppA LETTER still saying go for physical verification…. What do I do

  25. William Glory

    I am still yet to download my PPA letter. What next can I do please?

  26. Andesabtso Danjuma

    When exactly shall be the verification, who are responsible for this please.

  27. Jamilu Isa

    When ever I tried to download my PPA Letter it shows that my Date of Birth doesn’t match my BVN Details.
    Pls help me out

  28. George

    Thanks for the clarifications.
    Do I need to edit my profile? Even though am deployed, when I go on edit, they request for ID, passport, cert,etc.

  29. I cant still download my PPA letter at this time, please I need help before the 3days elapse. Thank you

    1. Ope Quadri

      Hey Fred, you are not alone. We’ll keep you updated.

  30. Wisdom

    But schools aren’t in session at this time, how are we supposed to get this acceptance letter signed by the school (PPA)? Do we have school staff coming to work during the holidays?

    1. Ebenezer

      Yes, some schools, or infact all schools, remember schools are writing waec

  31. Munamieye David

    Please, when exactly is it supposed to end, I mean the uploading of the acceptance letter?

  32. Wilfred

    Please I will be grateful if I can also get the same update cos I can’t download my PPA letter…..shows try again in a minute just like others. Hope the 3 days given won’t ellapse

    1. Ope Quadri

      The NSIP team has no choice but to extend the date.

    1. Hey Williams, it’s a general problem at this time. Be patient as we keep monitoring the portal for an update.

    1. Oluwagbemiga Idahosa

      The portal is still not working, my letter has even disappeared

      1. Ope Quadri

        Hello Idahosa, we believe the technical team is working to resolve the issue. Inability to download the letter it’s a general problem at this time. We’ll keep you updated.

  33. Omotoyosi

    There is no work on Saturday and Sunday, how can we get the letter signed

      1. Abdullahi Erinfolami

        On my dash board it shows am not been posted yet what the issue after am through with my physical verification.secondly have been trying to input my bvn my acct my bank name it keep saying too many messages received and bvn doesn’t match my date of birth

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