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What Is The Cost of NIN Registration in Nigeria?

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 12:04 pm


What’s the cost of NIN registration?

Applicants pay between N2,000 to N5,000 to register for the National Identity Management. However, the price depends on your location.

In Osun State, InfomediaNG found out that NIMC officials collect N300 for NIN registration, you’d pay more in Lagos and Abuja.

Registration for Nigerians in the diaspora is $50 for adults and $40 for children below 16

But the agency claimed that registration for the NIN Enrolment is FREE.


In a tweet, the agency says:

“The National Identity Management Commission NIMC frowns at all forms of EXTORTION. Thank you”

However, hundreds of bribery allegation bedevilled the activities of NIMC officials. Some of them ask for a registration fee which is between N2K-N5K.

Those who are ready to part with N2,000, N4,000 or more are quickly attended to while their NIN slips are processed urgently.

Check below how much NIN applicants pay across Nigeria to get National Identity Card

Abubakar Kabir Enitan:

Dear NIMC, i was told by a colleague at work that your agents do collect #5000 to register for NIN. Do you mandate all your agents to collect such money from Nigerians? When i registered mine i paid no dime Pls clarify this all Nigerians. Thanks.

The Technician:

NIN enrolment is no longer free? People are being charged 2500 for it.

Shola Adeyemi:

D list is compiled on Fridays,they then schedule pple the 200 mon~fri. Now the crowd have to come as early as 5am to put down names for enrolment nxt week.. 200 x 4weeks= 800permonth 800x12mnths..9600people per year An official told me to pay 7k if i want them to enrol me today

Lazarus Awaji:

Enrollment and eventually collection of temporary registration slip. In the Port Harcourt zonal office of @nimc_ng for instance, registration forms are sold for N50 on the flimsy excuse by an official that Nigerians didn’t value it when it was issued out for free. I hope this is

Fikiye Dipamo:

NIN registration is free but we’re being asked to pay N2000 to collect the slip instantly or pay N200 to wait and collect the slip in 2 weeks time in Bayelsa. This is wickedness.

Abdullah Tahir:

I paid 5k to register for NIN at ajeromi local gov. Lagos and some claim they paid 2k at other places if it’s free why the extortion that is still going on.

Eminefon Sunday:

Can I do a preregistration online. Or does this mean others can do it for us. Because here at OJO it 5k or nothing

The allegation of corruption and bribery against NIMC officials can be found in one of the tweets of the NIMC.

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Schedule Of Fees For NIMC Services

A check on the official portal of the agency shows that it also offers services in order to generate revenue for the government

The schedule of fees for NIMC services is divided into five categories:

  1. Non- Premium Services
  2. Premium Services
  3. Verification Services
  4. Ussd Services (SMS & IVR)
  5. Data Harmonisation

Non- Premium Services

  • Enrolment And Issuance Of 1st NIN Slip: N300 NIMC Claims It’s Free
  • Nin Slip Reissue: N500
  • Confirmation Of Identity: N30,000
  • NIMC Correction Of Date Of Birth: N15, 000
  • Modification Of Any Other Field: Between N2k To N5k(Nimc Claims It’s N500)
  • Re- Issuance Of Pin For Issued Card: N1,000 (N3k In Some States)
  • Card Re-Issuance & Activation: N5,000

Premium Services

Enrolment and Verification Services offered at Licensed Premium Lounges, Visa Processing centres and Pre-booked services. Eligible providers Licensed by the NIMC offer these services.

What does this mean?

Recently, NIMC certified 203 enrolment agents in Nigeria and abroad, this means you will have to pay to enrol at any the private agents closer to you.

The Services are Pre-Paid through any of the subscription bundles below:

  • Pre-Enrolment Verification: N100
  • Enrolment System Activation Licence: $160 Per Enrolment System


Access Level Transaction Fee
Verification Service L1 N50
Verification Service L2 N100
Verification Service L3 N150
Verification Service L4 N500
Verification Service L5 N1000
Card Number authentication N50

Other charges by NIMC NIN retrieval which is N20

Anytime you dial *346#, you’re charged N20, which goes directly into the NIMC remita account.

Final thought:

Registration for the National Identity Number isn’t FREE as claimed by NIMC, cases have been reported, unfortunately, the act goes unabated.

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Cost of NIN Registration in Nigeria?”

  1. Onyeuko Chigozie Teddy

    That’s Nigeria for you. It is the most corrupt country in the world. Every day, people will be shouting, Babangidia, Abachia and now, Buhari don kill us ooo!!

    While we ordinary people are worse that these poor and innocent persons. Their fault was just that they were unfortunate to rule a country where even native doctor claims to be an apostle, man of God and defunct 419er are church priests.

    May God please not count our blasphemy and liberate us. When we were kids, we only were hearing it as a legend that there was something called corruption.

    Now a days children, that is, those born born recently will not see or not know that asking for un receipted money or bribe is a crime. it is so done openly that you pay this bribe right there in the office and in the presence of everyone.

    Worst of it all is that if try to oppose, it the person that is coming behind you that will personally attack you. It is a problem that is endemic in our society, and we manifest it even outside our borders.

    Go to Nigeria embassy anywhere and compare what’s happening there with that of other embassies around. It is a shame. What purpose does this NIN something serve? Nothing. It is only a ploy to create an avenue for people in that office to take bribe from poor Nigerian.

    They ask you for any amount that they liked to ask for. Nothing is receipted and they put the money in their personal pockets but at same time invoke the name of Buhari, just to condemn that innocent man. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  2. Amaluzor Jane

    I was asked to pay N2000 and come back in two weeks time to collect it in Anambra. I came back and was asked to pay N3000 to activate it. So is the activation different from the registration?

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