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This Is How National Young Farmers’ Scheme Will Create 774,000 Employment Annually

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:22 am

President Muhammadu Buhari flagged off the National Young Farmers’ Scheme a few hours ago in Abuja.

The aim of the programme is to engage the Nigeria youths in farming across all local governments in Nigeria.

So, how does Buhari intend to engage 774,000 young Nigerian men and women through this programme?

How it came about:

National Young Farmers’ Scheme is an idea of the newly-revived National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA).

It is part of APC-led government’s efforts to expand and modernize agriculture in Nigeria, and also increase opportunities for youth participation.

The Federal Government has farm estates across all LGA in Nigeria, sadly, most of the farmlands were abandoned.

Now, Buhari has directed NALDA to retrieve all the farmlands to enable thousands of our young men and women to be engaged in modern, mechanized farming.

How will the National Young Farmers’ Scheme work?

At least 1,000 interested young Nigerian men and women will be engaged in each of the local governments.

There are 774 LGAs in Nigeria, translating to 774,000 young farmers in Nigeria. They will be supported by government incentives and machinery.

Farmland will be allocated to interested young Nigerians who may want to go into fish farming, crop production, and other agricultural produce in large scale.

“I am confident that, under my watch, Nigeria will achieve food security; we will produce most of what we eat,” Buhari said in a tweet.


Reacting, the Executive Secretary/CEO of NALDA, Paul Ikonne, said it is time to move away from over-dependence on oil.

“The discovery of oil in the country hampered the growth of agriculture and increased poverty in rural communities.”

The ideas behind the National Young Farmers’ Scheme will revive interest in farming in order to tackle poverty and create wealth.

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NALDA was resuscitated after close to 20 years of abandonment, which according to Ikonne, “will go a long way in reducing unemployment in the country, especially among the youth.”

“Our focus is to engage 1,000 farmers from each of the 774 Local Government Areas, thereby creating 774,000, direct employment annually,’’ he added.

Are you ready? We’ll give you update as we get them.



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