20 Business Opportunities In New Jersey


New Jersey is close to one of America’s greatest cities, New York City, making it a great choice for people. Many people want to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC and escape to nearby states such as New Jersey.

As a business owner, these people should always be included in your business plan when starting in New Jersey. Below are some of the business opportunities to consider in New Jersey.

Automobile Maintenance

The U.S. Census Bureau says there are over 6 million cars in New Jersey. The more they are used, the likelihood of needing the service of an automobile specialist.


Many New Jersey residents are car owners and usually require car maintenance. If you have the skill and expertise, you can considerably set up this type of business and be rest assured to make profitable returns.

Meat Store

One can considerably start a meat store and sell multiple neatly packaged meat to customers. It is one of not so popular but lucrative easy to start business ideas.

Car Wash Business

A car wash business is an ideal business to establish. People do not like carrying dirty cars around; they would need a suitable place to wash them.

It’s in this scenario that this business idea becomes excellent, and you can establish your place to offer these services.

Fast Food Restaurant

A fast-food restaurant is a very lucrative business. There are many food needs, and once your order is attractive and the food tastes good, you will get a lot of customers.

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You need a permit to start setup a fast-food restaurant

Delivery Service

An individual can suitably establish and operate a delivery service. One would need a means of transportation to move different items to their respective place of delivery.

According to indeed.com, the average salary for a delivery driver in New Jersey is $18.03 per hour.

Recreation Center

A recreation center is where individuals maintain a clear mind after a stressful work day. One can consider venturing into this business; many tourists come to New Jersey in need of various centers to relax. Your business can serve a lot of people.

Appliance Repair

An appliance repair business is a great business idea if you have the skill and proper set of equipment.

You can considerably get a workshop, purchase various tools, and considerably deal in the sales of various appliances.

Solar Installation

Some numerous homes and businesses require solar panel installation. These solar serves as an alternative form of electricity generated from the sun and is suitable for usage.

Pizza Business

Pizza is another popular food in New Jersey that residents consume on a large scale. One can establish a pizza business or purchase an already existing pizza shop and start their own business.

Interior Design

Interior designing is another line of business that one can create. One can get the best designers who are certified and experienced enough to provide various services to suit the need of customers. If you want to go into this business, it’s wise to do personal research and gather detailed information.

Printing Business

Many paper-related demands need to be solved, necessitating the need for a printing business. One can consider setting up this type of business.

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Coffee Shop

Establishing a coffee shop is an excellent and ideal business that can thrive in New Jersey. One would need to acquire a good place where customers can get their required beverages to start their day.

Content Writing

The demand for content writers is increasing massively, given the need for quality and well research articles.

An individual who is very creative in writing and can conduct good research can consider this type of business. You can join Fiverr and list your services to start this easy-to-start business idea in New Jersey.

Taxi Business

Transportation is one of the most profitable industries in the world. People always need to travel for one reason or another and would need a suitable means of transportation.

Event Planning

An excellent business idea for consideration in New Jersey is event planning. Numerous events require a practical individual to handle the plans and organize various schedules.

This presents an opportunity for individuals skilled in event planning to establish a business.

Elderly People Home

The population of dependent individuals between the age of 50 and above is increasing massively, and with this increase comes the need for older people’s homes.

More than 3 million residents in the state are 50 years and above, according to seniorliving.org, meaning services around taking care of the senior citizens would be needed.

Electric Equipment Business

Electrical equipment is required in various households and business places. An individual can considerably start this business by firstly becoming a retailer and selling different electrical equipment including LCD, Tube light, Bulb, Fans, and Wires.

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Residential Cleaning

There are a lot of busy individuals who lack time to handle some indoor cleaning activities. As a result of this, they tend to require high-quality and standard cleaning services.


Pictures are the best ways through which fond memories are captured. An individual good with the camera can consider venturing into this type of business. You can further create a studio where clients can come to take pictures.


To implement any of the business ideas above, you need to get licenses from the necessary bodies.

Getting your license and permits is the second step after deciding on your business. Without these business documents, you might not be able to open certain businesses.

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