20,000 Osun OYES List: Orientation Ended Across 30 LGAs

Last updated on February 16th, 2023 at 01:35 pm

UPDATE: The Osun (State) Youth Empowerment Scheme which began in 2010 has been replaced with Imole Youth Corps.

The Osun State Youth Empowerment Scheme tagged ‘OYES’ is an initiative of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

One of the successful applicants told infobase that he would be reporting at Ijebu-Jesa, Local Government headquarters of Oriade.

Commandant of OYES, Colonel Enibunkun Oyewole (rtd), had during the week disclosed to newsmen in Osogbo, Osun State Capital, that orientation would kick off next Monday.

Oyewole noted that, O’YES has helped the state to manage unemployment rate to a considerable level, stressing that the National Bureau of Statistics, in its publication rated Osun State to have the least unemployment rate.

Through the programme, some applicants had been sent abroad for training in various skill acquisitions, while the commandant confirmed that that a sum of N3.6 billion is expended on the scheme annually.

OYES has the certification of World Bank, saying it is a viable and sustainable solution to the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria and consequently recommended it to the Federal Government and other states in the country.

Similar OYES programmes across Nigeria include the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) and NPower programme that was launched in Abuja, while 23 states have sent delegates to the state to understudied the programme.

“OYES is introducee to effect and affect life by putting an end to unemployment in the state. The youth have had a better life approached and positive attitudes through the job.Osun oyes list 2018

”Some of my cadet are landlords who have built their houses through the money earned from the scheme and over 22,000 indignes of the state are in OYES in all the geographical zone.

“Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (O’YES) cadets which is a revolving volunteer scheme designed to eliminate the frustration and paralysing effect of high and seemingly intractable youth unemployment pervasive in the state and country at large.”

“It aims at equipping as many young men and women with positive work ethics and culture, self sustenance, resourcefulness and respect for the environment. It is designed to develop youths with character and competence,” Oyewole said.

Osun OYES 2018 Final List: How to check your name on the  Portal:

If you applied do this to check your name on the Osun OYES portal

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Step 1: Enter the portal via http://oyes.org.ng/2018/wip/login.php

Step 2: Enter the email address you registered with and your passcode

If you’re successful, your letter will be uploaded which contains next step to take.


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42 thoughts on “20,000 Osun OYES List: Orientation Ended Across 30 LGAs”

  1. Adejumobi Ganiyu saheed

    pls sir is there eny hope for thos that have print there letter still we have not see our list @ Training centre

  2. Adeeyo Fiyinfoluwa

    I am not among the list of people you choose is another batch coming out, did i still have hope, I have know job I look unto through you may God help you as your help me

  3. Popoola Buliyaminu k.

    Hi.what to do now the phone code was sent me n I don’t know whether my name was among and I hope so.put me through?


    Go to the website, enter your email address and click on retrieve pin code and use the new pin code on the screen to login.

  4. I have print out the letter but on getting to the training ground, they said my name is not on the list for More than three times. Pls what is going on and what can i do


    Please contact OYES Coordinating office at Abere, or call your Local Government OYES Coordinator.

    We’ve written about the LG coordinators, please check our past posts.

  5. Awodele Marian Opeyemi

    Pls my registration was successful, but I am not congratulated, how would I know am part of the volunteers ???


    Hi namesake,

    If you’re not congratulated it means you didn’t make the list.

  6. I have check my name several time it says print list but not congratulat me …. Pls what is the meaning of that ? Help me pls….


    It means you didn’t make the list

  7. Taofeek Adenike

    I Check My Own What I See Is That My Information Saved Successfuly Print Data What Is The Next Step


    It means you’ve not been selected. Keep checking

    1. Akeeb Adebowale Abass

      pls I was congratulated and I have printed the letter but my name was not on the oyes list, what can I do

      1. If you’ve printed your letter and congratulated that you’ve been selected, then you don’t need to bother yourself about anything again.

  8. oladepo sikirulah o

    how can i check my name maybe am one of them.

    infobase response

    Use your email and code to login if you’re successful you’d see print letter. If you’re not all you see is your application card.

  9. oladokun Ibrahim adekunle

    how can i check the list to no if am choosing?


    Use your email and login code.

    If you forgot your code click retrieve

    1. Hi omokayode,
      We only know of a final list. The training and orientation exercise begins tomorrow, meaning such training won’t be done twice. If you didn’t make the list, watch out for another FG federal opportunity in our next post: How to become MobileForms Agent in Osun and earn at least N20,000, depending on the number of days you’re able to execute project.

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