Surfwella to provide FREE Wi-Fi facility to UNILAG, UNIABUJA, two others

Last Updated on August 7, 2017 by Ope Quadri

List of first batch of Nigerian Universities shortlisted for FREE Wi-Fi

Though, Surfwella promised to make sure all university campuses enjoy the internet-enabled facility, here are first set of the campuses to enjoy the facility:

University of Abuja-1st

Lagos State University-2nd

College of Agric, Lafiaji-3rd

University of Lagos-4th

Surfwella, a free Wi-Fi facility, has promised to make available free Wi-Fi facility in four Nigerian universities to give a boost to Stertiary education in the country.

Chief Marketing Officer of Surfwella Olusola Bankole said that the firm plans to make the free Wi-Fi facility available in all university campuses in Nigeria.

Surfwella is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of an indigenous 4G operator, Cyberspace Network Limited, and a platform for social and cognitive computing.

“The University of Abuja will be the first beneficiary, with the service scheduled for launch on the institution’s campus this week Wednesday,

” Bankole said.

According to him, while the firm is unveiling the service at the University of Abuja and other institutions, it is still building and adding more features on the Internet infrastructure.

“The usage is totally free. No payment, no subscription, no data purchase, and no need for modems. It is free Internet in the most useable form on the Wi-Fi,” he said.

He said, “The Lagos State University will be next, followed in quick succession by the College of Agric, Lafiaji, and the University of Lagos.”

Bankole said it’s Surfwella’s way of giving back to the society.

“It is our own form of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is all about empowering the students to be globally competitive, and access to free Internet is the best way to empower the budding oncoming Generation-Z.

“The whole idea of this project is to ensure that future graduates from universities across the country will compete with their contemporaries from other countries of the globe. More so, the surest way to be an entrepreneur is to acquiring Information and Communications Technology skills,” he added.

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