Tradermoni beneficiary states in Nigeria (UPDATED LIST)

Last Updated on January 29, 2021 by Ope Quadri

This is the updated list of states that have benefited from Tradermoni, a collateral-free loan for petty traders in Nigeria.

The programme has gotten to more than 90% of the states in Nigeria, and it’s planned to cover all the 36 states including the FCT.

Tradermoni excites Ebonyi petty traders.

“If you know petty traders and artisans in Ebonyi state, we have tradermoni agents are right now in meat market, Ebonyi, Enboyi State,” @trader_moni has tweeted.

“Tradermoni enumerators will never ask you to show your personal voters card or any other confidential document as a criteria to collect the interest-free loan. Enumeration is usually carried out in open market areas and trade clusters.”

GEEP tradermoni hits Ekiti

Tradermoni was live in Oja Bisi & Mojere Market and other popular markets in Ekiti State on September 24, 2018. Enumerators are still on the field collating petty traders’ date to benefit from the collateral-fee loan scheme.

In this post, InfomediaNG tells you the updated list of states presently benefiting from the collateral-free loan scheme.

When your tradermoni mobile wallet is credited, the codes and the guide on how to withdraw your loan is contained in a message that’s sent to you.

Significant of TraderMoni?

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who launched the Micro, Small and Medium-Scale Enterprise (MSME) Clinic, in Benin, said the tradermoni scheme will help very small scale traders fund their businesses.

Updated list of tradermoni beneficiary states

  1. Lagos
  2. FCT
  3. Abia
  4. Adamawa
  5. Akwa Ibom
  6. Anambra
  7. Bauchi
  8. Bayelsa
  9. Benue
  10. Borno
  11. Cross River
  12. Delta
  13. Ebonyi
  14. Enugu
  15. Edo
  16. Ekiti
  17. Gombe
  18. Imo
  19. Jigawa
  20. Kaduna
  21. Kano
  22. Katsina
  23. Kebbi
  24. Kogi
  25. Kwara
  26. Nasarawa
  27. Niger
  28. Ogun
  29. Ondo
  30. Osun
  31. Oyo
  32. Plateau
  33. Rivers
  34. Sokoto
  35. Taraba
  36. Yobe
  37. Zamfara

It was exciting when the mobile wallet of petty traders in Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Abuja, and other states were credited. Check their photos HERE

VP Osinbajo said during the launch:

“The policy of the Federal Government is to support businesses, not just big business but particularly small, medium-sized businesses and micro businesses. The whole idea is that we want to ensure that we give whatever support whether it is cash, advice or even registration to all of our small and medium enterprises.

“In the next few weeks, we are starting a micro-credit scheme which we call Trader Moni. It is a different scheme from MarketMoni.

“The TraderMoni is for the smaller traders, those who are doing small, little things, where in many cases, their inventory isn’t more than N5000 – N10,000.

“We want to give those types of people some credit as well, and once they pay back, we will give them some more money as well.

“We want to make sure that the very poor trader, no matter how poor you are, so long as you are trading or working, the Federal Government will support you by giving you some extra money to do whatever you are doing.

How can I buy tradermoni form?

It is free. The only correct way to be registered is to be captured by our tradermoni field agents across Nigeria, with their device.

If you ever find anybody sharing or selling TraderMoni form, report such a person immediately by calling any of the following phone numbers:

  1. 0700-6275-386,
  2. 0700-1000-200

Do you want to work as a tradermoni agent in your state?

Check one of our previous posts, or tell us here and we will guide you how to go about it. You’d be paid base on the number of “valid” people you’re able to register.

Join me on Facebook or read our guide on how to download the accredited App and how to fill the trader remuneration form.

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    I Was registered true mobile form, I also receive an message through my email to relax , so how can I know that if I was approved and how can I be notify?

  2. Please my money was hang, after the money is sent to bank account from my aku wallet,i mean that I didn’t recieved the money, please how can I get the money back?

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