10 Reasons Why You Should Use Business and Domain Name Checkers When Starting a New Business


No matter what type of business you’re launching, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning its online presence.

Search Engine Journal highlights key points such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and the URL for that ranking for relevant keywords.

That said, entrepreneurs have long turned to business and domain checkers to make sure everything is in line before deciding on a name. Here are 10 reasons why you should, too:

Why You Should Use Business and Domain Name Checkers When Starting a New Business

1) Online Discoverability

Having a proper website helps your potential customers find you easily. If you have ads up, for example, it can increase your ROI in the long run.

Companies like Google and Meta still invest millions on advertisements despite their popularity.

But if clicking on it doesn’t lead to a legitimate and trustworthy business website, then your discoverability will decrease as well.

2) Easier Registration

Since a domain name serves as an address to reach your website, business owners should go through proper procedures to register its name.

With a name that’s properly checked, you can simply register your business at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in the US, or whichever relevant bureau it is for your country.

Your business name is also necessary to register as either a sole proprietorship or partnership.

3) Proves Legitimacy

In most cases, your market isn’t familiar with your website’s address – there’s a higher chance that your website will be discovered through a search engine query.

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And the more dedicated and higher-ranked your domain name is, the more it is deemed as trustworthy by the public.

After checking the availability of the business name you want, consider going for a direct domain name.

4) Avoid Legal Issues

Companies value brand awareness, which is why trademarking is a major step that is performed after gaining some success.

Overstepping copyright, trademark, and state registration matters can lead to monetary damages in the long run.

But on Namchk you can check the availability of domains, which can help you create a business name that’s uniquely yours. Simply type in your desired keywords and work with the results.

5) Social Media Opportunities

Besides Google, social media is becoming a relevant source when it comes to obtaining information as well.

TikTok and most other short-form video apps, for instance, play an active part in bringing in new customers to small businesses.

With that, we recommend using a domain name tool to make sure your business keywords are concise and relevant enough for social media.

6) Business Email Address

Instead of using an email that ends with ‘gmail.com’ or ‘yahoo.com’, you can simply use your purchased domain name as an email address.

This way, you’ll sound more professional in both emails and business cards. You can also do the same for your employees with these official emails, and it also makes it easier to switch email providers.

7) Complete Control

With a domain name, you won’t have to worry about your landing pages or your customers losing contact with you in case the website platform of your choice is suddenly discontinuing its services. Your domain name will be here to stay as long as you keep up your payments for it.

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8) More Creativity

Most business and domain name checkers are also generators and are useful tools for teams that are looking for unique business name ideas.

With millions of businesses formed every year, the competition can be tough – especially if you and a competitor offer similar products and services. This is where a unique and creative domain name can prove to be useful.

9) Align With the Company

Domain names are among the first things a company acquires, and it essentially sums up their overall identity.

Some domains are sold for a premium – for example, the name Cars.com was sold for $872 million, because it is straightforward and memorable.

Picking a proper name will be vital if you want customers to understand your company’s ultimate purpose.

10) Easy Business Expansion

Lastly, having your business and domain name sorted out earlier on will help make business expansion easier for you and your team.

You can simply use similar versions of your name as your social media handles. You can also further utilize a domain name checker to come up with alternative product names, pop-up shops, or brick-and-mortar stores.

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