‘They Don Catch DPO’ Reactions As Thug Who Stole DPO Uniform Is Arrested

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 07:35 pm

One of the hijackers of #EndSars protest who was accused of killing, stealing police uniform belonging to a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) has been arrested.

The young man who refused to disclose his name to newsmen was arrested after a video clip surfaced online where he wore the DPO uniform, proclaiming himself as the new DPO. His criminal friends hailed him in the video, “DPO! DPO!!”

Reports say he wore the DPO uniform freely in his area where hoodlums invaded a police station, destroyed and carted away riffles and police uniforms.

Mixed reactions as the “fake DPO” is beaten to stupor

Reacting on Instagram, Uzo Mathias mocked the suspect, saying, “‘They Don Catch DPO”

Another social media user scolded the police for their inability to track and arrest those (security operatives) who allegedly killed peaceful protesters.

“So they’re able to catch these people but they can’t catch the soldiers that killed people. Stop helping the government promote their narrative!” he said.

It’s a Jungle Justice

While some Nigerians hailed the arrest of the guy, a few others said it’s a jungle justice to beat a suspect.

”It’s sad some people are laughing. You these same people want equality but jubilating cos he’s not your family.

“If he did wrong, they don’t have any right to lay hands on him but rather allow the law to deal with him.

“It’s clear you people are not ready for the change you claim you want in NIGERIA with this kind of attitude…” @regularchamp said

Corroborating regularchamp’s point, another user said, “…this is the same jungle justice and brutality we have been complaining about the police and civilians are exhibiting and celebrating same.

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“Hand the person over for proper investigation and the guy may even mental health issues mere looking at him. Let the law take its course.”

On how to the guy was arrested, @aniscooser called for caution on the use of social media.

“Social media is a very powerful platform that one should be very careful of doing whatever they feel like doing. Maybe he was just joking but it turns to a very terrible day for him now,” he said.


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