Google Bans Popunder Ads, Clarifies on How to Buy Traffic

Google has announced slight changes in one of the numerous policies guiding its Adsense implementation by its millions of publishers globally.

In a recent post signed by Google Adsense Head of Publisher Communications, John Brown, “We are no longer permitting the placement of Google ads on pages that are loaded as a pop-up or pop-under.

“Additionally, we do not permit Google ads on any site that contains or triggers pop-unders, regardless of whether Google ads are shown in the pop-unders.”

According John Brown, the clarification was to avoid “obscuring the content you want to see” saying pop-under ads could be annoying as well, as they will “pop under” your window, so that you didn’t see them until you minimize your browser.

The new update was to provide a good user experience, as well as maintain a healthy ads ecosystem that benefits both publishers and advertisers, he says.

“At Google, we value users, advertisers and publishers equally. We have policies in place that define where Google ads should appear and how they must be implemented. These policies help ensure a positive user experience.”

Buying Traffic

John Brown also clarified on the source of traffic to publishers’ websites, and how such traffic should be monitored so as not to run afoul of Adsense policies.

Guidance on best practices for buying traffic can be found on Google’s Adsense Support Page.

“If you’re considering purchasing traffic to drive to your site, you should spend time understanding exactly what traffic you’ll be receiving. Specifically, you should understand how the traffic provider will send you traffic and what kind of traffic you’ll receive. You also should set up your AdSense account and web analytics program (such as Google Analytics) in a way that allows you to monitor the traffic.”

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