10 ways Google is making Classroom and Forms easier for teachers

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We’ve seen how fabulous Google G Suite for Education tools is doing in contributing to the productivity of educators in United States and other parts of the world where the product is available.

Google’s G Suite for Education is designed to “creatively teach classroom material, collaborate with students, and design innovative assignments to achieve meaningful outcomes.”

Classroom has been a useful tool for teachers since it launched three years ago. Google data reveals that students have submitted more than 1 billion assignments through the product.


Interestingly, more classrooms now have more to help teachers do what they do best.

10 updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms:

  • Single view of student work
  • Reorder classes
  • Decimal grading
  • Transfer class ownership
  • Add profile picture on mobile
  • Provision classes with School Directory Sync
  • New Classroom integrations
  • Display class code
  • Import Google Forms Quiz scores into Classroom:
  • Add feedback in question-by-question grading in Quizzes

Single view of student work

This update will enable teachers track individual student progress, this is made possible through a newly dedicated page for each student in Classroom that shows all of their work in a class.

“With this new view, teachers and students can see the status of every assignment, and can use filters to see assigned work, missing work, or returned and graded work. Teachers and students can use this information to make personalized learning decisions that help students set goals and build skills that will serve them in the future,” Google says.

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Reorder classes

Teachers can now order their classes to organize them based on daily schedule, workload priorities or however will help them keep organized throughout the school year.

And students can use this feature too.

“For teachers and students, organization is important, and being able to reorder class cards allows us to keep our classes organized in a simple and personalized way,” Ross Berman, a 7th and 8th grade math teacher, says.

Students can move classes around so that the first thing they see is the class they know they have work for coming up.”

Decimal grading

As teachers know, grading is often more complicated than a simple point value. To be as accurate with feedback as possible, educators can now use decimal points when grading assignments in Google Classroom.

Transfer class ownership

Things can change a lot over the summer, including who’s teaching which class. It’s now possible for “admins and teachers can to transfer ownership of Google Classroom classes to other teachers, without the need to recreate the class.”

The new class owner can get up to speed quickly with a complete view of past student work and resources in Drive.

Add profile picture on mobile

Today’s users log a lot of hours on their phones. Soon, teachers and students will be able to make changes to their Classroom mobile profiles directly from their mobile devices too, including changing their profile picture from the Google Classroom mobile app.

Provision classes with School Directory Sync

Google School Directory Sync now supports syncing Google Classroom classes from your student or management information system using IMS OneRoster CSV files. Admins can save teachers and students time by handling class setup before the opening bell.

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New Classroom integrations

Apps that integrate with Classroom offer educators a seamless experience, and allow them to easily share information between Classroom and other tools they love.

Please welcome the newest A+ apps to the #withClassroom family: Quizizz, Edcite, Kami and coming soon, Code.org.

Display class code

Joining Google Classroom classes is easier than ever thanks to this new update. Teachers can now display their class code in full screen so students can quickly join new classes.

Import Google Forms Quiz scores into Classroom:

UsingQuizzes in Google Formsallows educators to take real-time assessments of students’ understanding of a topic. Soon, teachers will be able to import grades from Quizzes directly into Google Classroom.

Add feedback in question-by-question grading in Quizzes

More than test grades, meaningful feedback can improve learning. At ISTE this year, welaunched question-by-question grading in Quizzes in Google Forms to help teachers save time by batch grading assessments. We’re taking it one step further and now, teachers will have the option to add feedback as well.

As educators head back to school, we want our newest Classroom teachers to get the most out of their experience. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new resource hub to help teachers get set up on their first day of Classroom.

If you’re already a Classroom pro, help your fellow teachers by sharing your favorite Classroom tips, tricks, resources and tutorials on social media using the hashtag #FirstDayofClassroom. Stay tuned on Twitter this Back to School season for more.

From all of us here at Google, we wish you a successful start to the school year! We hope these Google Classroom and Forms updates help you save time, stay organized and most importantly, teach effectively during back to school and beyond.

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