Mark Zuckerberg returns to Harvard May 25 for first degree


In a new video shared on Facebook , the founder of the largest social media platform Mark Zuckerberg returns to Harvard May 25 for his first degree.

“My dad took this video when I got accepted to Harvard. Next week I’m going back for commencement to get my degree, ” he says.

He will be the featured speaker at the Afternoon Program of Harvard’s 366th Commencement on May 25, Havard University had announced on its website March 7,2017.


“Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership has profoundly altered the nature of social engagement worldwide. Few inventions in modern times can rival Facebook in its far-reaching impact on how people around the globe interact with one another,” said Harvard President Drew Faust. “And few individuals can rival Mark Zuckerberg in his drive to change our world through the innovative use of technology, as well as his commitment to advance science, enhance education, and expand opportunity through the pursuit of philanthropy.”

He isn’t the first billionaire dropout from the prestigious university; Bill Gate is too.

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