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31 SWIFT Codes for Nigerian Banks

Receiving international payments is one of the things web masters or bloggers deal with every time they receive promotional contents from foreign-based companies. Although, most of the content promoters, most times, prefer to make payment through PayPal or Payoneer, while some of them do international wire transfer read more

How I Lost Ove N500K to MMM-Engineer Ameen

  • MMM is a fraud: Nigerian victim of MMM reveals how he lost over N500, 000
  • MMM will entice you till you put in bigger amount

How I lost over N500, 000-Nigerian Chinese-based Muhammad Ameen

Is MMM Nigeria a fraud or legit online investment?

That’s the question every inquisitive potential MMM investor wants an answer to. I actually wanted to know how trending this online investment fraud is in Nigeria, headed straight to Google News to input MMM Nigeria into the search space. read more

Apple’s iPhone 7 unveils today: Expectations, rumours and likely pictures

September 7 will be unique in the history of phone world; that’s because Apple is expected to unveil its new generation smartphone  iPhone 7.


For those who care about iPhone, a new model is being released today. Everyone is eager to know what it is supposed to be like: a little thinner, a little faster and equipped with superior cameras on the Plus model. read more