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TraderMoni Eyowo Transfer Codes to Bank Account

Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 09:35 pm


Eyowo transfer codes make it simple for you to easily move your funds from your mobile wallet to any bank in Nigeria using USSD codes right on your phone.

However, due to the revocation of the operating licences of some microfinance banks in Nigeria that also affected eyowo digital wallet, customers will be unable to send or withdraw till the issue is resolved with the Central Bank of Nigeria. It may take between 24 to 72 hours.

If your tradermoni eyowo mobile money wallet account has been credited with #10,000 (or #15,000, #20k, #50k or #100k) here are the codes to transfer the money right into any bank of your choice for withdrawal.


Tradermoni eyowo transfer codes for various banks in Nigeria

  1. *4255*50*2*3*Account Number# (ECOBank)
  2. *4255*50*2*4*Account Number# (First Bank:)
  3. *4255*50*2*5*Account Number# ( FCMB)
  4. *4255*50*2*13*Account Number# (UBA)
  5. *4255*50*2*14*Account Number#  (Union Bank)
  6. *4255*50*2*16*Account Number#  (Wema bank)


If the above codes are not working for you, you can check our guide on how to transfer from eyowo to bank account online. It’s very easy and simple to follow.

Before we share the codes with you, TraderMoni is one of the collateral free schemes of the Federal Government specifically designed for petty traders in Nigeria, who ordinarily can not access bank loans because of their financial status.

Eyowo isn’t the only wallet you can use to cash out your 10K, there is also Aku mobile wallet is used in some states.

Other collateral-free loan schemes include MarketMoni and FarmerMoni.

If you’re reading this for the first time, infomediaNG can authoritatively tell you that tradermoni is real, “meant to improve the business prospects of petty traders and artisans by scaling up their business.”

Having said that, here are the USSD codes you need to transfer your tradermoni from eyowo mobile wallet to any bank account of your choice in Nigeria.

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How to transfer tradermoni funds to ECOBank

To wire your funds from your eyowo mobile wallet to ECOBANK dial this USSD code: *4255*50*2*3*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to First Bank:

If your choice is first bank, kindly dial *4255*50*2*4*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to FCMB using eyowo code:

If you prefer to cash out your money from First City Monument Bank, kindly dial: *4255*50*2*5*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to UBA using eyowo code:

The right code to dial in case UBA is the bank from which you want to withdraw your funds, then dial this ussd code: *4255*50*2*13*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to Union Bank through eyowo code

Code for UNION BANK is different from the above, use this code *4255*50*2*14*Account Number# if you wish to transfer your funds to Union Bank.

“Tradermoni enumerators will never ask you to show your personal voters card or any other confidential document as a criteria to collect the interest-free loan. Enumeration is usually carried out in open market areas and trade clusters.”

How to transfer tradermoni funds to Wema Bank:

Dial *4255*50*2*16*Account Number# to wire your loan to Wema bank.

How to transfer trademoni funds to any other banks

Please note that eyowo mobile money wallet is the sole partner of the programme, making it easy to be credited.

Through the eyowo mobile money technology you don’t need to have a bank account. In fact most of the petty traders the collateral free loan is designed for don’t have bank account.

Through eyowo, your money can easily be transferred. A mobile wallet is like a bank account and it is opened automatically for beneficiaries.

From the mobile wallet, they can transfer money to any bank account, withdraw it from an ATM, withdraw cash from an agent, transfer money to another phone number, or purchase airtime.

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To transfer to any bank , dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instructions. If you are having challenges contact eyowo @eyowo on twitter.

The most important thing is you’ll have to set a six digit pin which serves as your password to make transfer. The 6-digit pin code is your key to your tradermoni eyowo balance please keep it.

Let’s answer a few question we think some of you might want to ask.

If you’re finding this method difficult or the USSD code is giving you IMM error code, then you can transfer your money using browser option from eyowo wallet to any bank account of your choice.

And in a situation whereby you used the ATM cardless withdrawal but encountered error, there is a guide on how to reverse such transaction.

Is Tradermoni agent in my state?

Yes agents are everywhere the scheme has gotten to. Check if tradermoni has landed in your state in this updated list.

Where can I get tradermoni registration form?

Registration for tradermoni doesn’t require a conventional form. It is done through the use of device by accredited tradermoni agent. If anyone brings form to you report the person immediately.

Do I need to belong to APC to benefit from the programme?


Tradermoni is designed for petty traders in Nigeria irrespective of your political affiliation. That’s why you don’t need to provide your permanent voter card (PVC).

It’s for anyone that is eligible e.g. petty traders and artisans. At the time of compiling this post, it has gotten to 14 states so far and still going to cover all the states in Nigeria.

It has gotten to Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Edo, Kaduna, Abuja etc. It is going to get to all the 36 States.

How much can I get from tradermoni?

It starts from N10,000. The money grows as you pay back and you can get up to N100,000.

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What’s the purpose of tradermoni?

Federal government understands how difficulty it is for traders in petty businesses to access interest free, no collateral loans and the collateral free loan is solving that problem.

The petty traders rarely have bank accounts, and are not “interesting” or “profitable” to traditional lenders. They cannot access loans to trade, and they therefore remain in the cycle. The Federal Government is on a mission to break this poverty cycle.

How many loans is tradermoni going to give nationwide, and how many in each State?

According to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the petty trader collateral free loan scheme by the end of 2018, the FG targets to disburse to 2 million people across all 36 states and the FCT.

Each state (and the FCT) will receive a minimum of 30,000 loans.

How real is tradermoni?

It is real, beneficiaries are growing daily. Enumerators were at Abubakari Gumi market and Chechenia market Kaduna North, Iwo in Osun, Freedom park in Osogbo and other States to capture traders and disbursements will continue till target is achieved.

How much does it cost to get registered?

It is free. The only correct way to be registered is to be captured by our agents, with their device.

If you ever find anybody sharing or selling Trader_Moni form, report such a person immediately or call 0700-6275-386, 0700-1000-200

Do you want to work as a tradermoni agent in your state?

Check one of our previous posts, or tell us here and we will guide you how to go about it. You’d be paid base on the number of “valid” people you’re able to register.

If you having issue with your eyowo PIN

  1. Confirm that you are having an invalid or incorrect PIN issue.
  2. Reach out to Eyowo. You can do so via:
    1. Social media: @myeyowo on Instagramor Facebook and @eyowo on Twitter
    2. Email:
    3. Phone number: 01-700 1520
  3. Allow for a maximum of 24 hoursto get a response to PIN-related issues.

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87 thoughts on “TraderMoni Eyowo Transfer Codes to Bank Account”

  1. Hello an agent come to our area and register us for tradermoni he collected our phones set the they are sending me text i collected trader moni and i don’t collected anything.

    1. Chidimma solomom

      Am chidimma Solomon an agent of trader moni Aba Abia state I registered an old woman and she told me that she was sent a message but don’t know when she deleted it

  2. I transfer 10 thousand naira to my account from Aku for the pass 4days now i have not see the alert of the since in my bank account why

  3. Adekunle Abidoye

    Pls I call them on 01-700-1520 and no body answer me what I need is how to get the money because I have try the code *4255*50*2*13to uba bank is not work sir what can I do known

    1. Please I want to confirm somebody collected my money how can I know the bank account they transfer the money to or how can I get the 6 pin they create in my account bank

    2. Ibrahim Hassan ismail

      Please sir, i am Ibrahim from kano state,I need your help..
      How can’t i get the loan, this code (*4255*21#)does not work in my sim card sins yesterday, i try it some times..
      Please Wich way I will be to get the loan.
      Thanks giving to you

  4. Hlo pls I can’t recover d pin back and my money is still inside d acont pls help here is d number I register with 08106025448

  5. Pls, I wanted to transfer my tradermoni from eyowo wallet to my Bank account I mistakenly press 10000 instead of 9960. Trying to correct the error they said insufficient eyowo balance. But have not been paid. What should I do? Please…. Reply

  6. I clicked on wrong icon, 9900 was transferred to my phone number instead of account number when I entered my account number, what displayed is insufficient Eyowo balance… Pls, solution

  7. Hi, please what about Aku wallet ,in my state mostly is Aku,nd those codes dont work anymore,please am waiting for ur response brother

  8. Pls I can’t cash out my eyowo money, it shows at up that I received trade money, but it didn’t show show in my wallet. This is my number +2348032960057. Pls help solve the problem

  9. Pls,i try to tranfar money form my eyowo wallet to my Bank account and it was successful.But up still Now have not been paid.pls……what should i do?

      1. Pls how can I register from my device myself without going to any agents,or can I also be an agents? Living at katsina state.

  10. Hello sir/madam. pls I need loan, one guy came to my area, he said it’s frees money. Every one complain the same thing how true is this, pls I need help

    1. It’s called collateral free loan known as tradermoni . It’s meant to assist market women and other petty traders in their small businesses.

      Please check the phone number of tradermoni zonal coordinator in your state to ask if you can register.

      Note: Its refundable within six months.

  11. Hameeda muhammad

    I wants to transfer my ewoyo money into my bank account but it shows “invalid secured pin provided You need to reset” this is my Number 08165848531

  12. hi am Engr. Azeez, i want to become an agent of eyowo trader moni, am in Osogbo and some of the market women and men are on my neck to help them out please help me out. Thanks

  13. Please help me I want to be an eyowo agent, how am I going to do it, I am osun state, my name is waheed Monsuru, phone number 09069530345. Thanks

  14. Hello My Name Yusuf jibril My business is Agency Banking / Mobile money my Company Name is MUHAMMADAI INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED I want to be A AGENT in Eyowo BOI in Kaduna state my number is 07036027779

  15. i got the form and filled it whats next pls

    and why it gets difficult when try to transfer from eyowo to my account


      While you continue to slam the government of the day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you can as well be making extra cash on the side using your phone.

      This post is for those who are self-employed.

      A new data collation firm is in town, it’s not completely new, anyway. But it is to someone who is just hearing about it.

      It is called Mobile Forms.

      Mobile Forms is a company that uses mobile technology plus network of field agents to gather data for government, local and international businesses.

      The company is one of the data collation firms commissioned by the BOI/FG to gather petty traders’ data in the ongoing #TraderMoni collateral-free loan scheme of the Federal Government.

      Registration for Tradermoni has come to a close in some state, it is gradually coming to a close in some while some are still on the awaiting list.

      The good thing is data collation projects come often and you get paid as field agent base on the data you collated and submitted.

      You could complete an assignment assigned to you within a few days and get paid right away.

      You get that done through your phone.

      Download the app

      Check here for details on how to JOIN>>>

    1. Hi Najeeb,

      Please you’re to set your own six digit PIN. If it’s not working for it could be as a result of poor network. Or you’re not doing the right thing, in that case please contact eyowo @myeyowo on twitter for solution.

  16. Hi please I mistakenly send my money through ATM cash out and the money disappear and I don’t know what to do please I am in need of your help so that I can withdraw it because the money is under pending

    1. Hello, dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instruction , from there set your 6PIN digit. If you’ve forgotten your PIN Then contact to eyowo on twitter

  17. Hi my problem is that when i put my number it will said that six digits pin was sent to your number but i didn’t see the pin sent to my number.

    1. Please note that you’re to set your PIN yourself. You’re only sent a PIN when you demanded for it from Eyowo. If you have forgotten your PIN, then you can contact eyowo on twitter @Myeyowo for them to reset your PIN for you

  18. I received message on tuesday that I am qualify for the trades moni loan and I press the code but the money didn’t enter my bank account. since then the code didn’t respond it is saying invalid or error. Please how do I get the oney

    1. Hi Abosede,
      It could be due to network. If the problem persist contact eyowo on twitter @Myeyowo.

      You may not be able to cash out the entire 10K if transferring to your bank, N9900 works better.

  19. Oyedokun saheed aboidun

    I want to work as a trader money agent, but I don’t know where to go to register! Because non of there agent is here with my people in ayedaade local government,in osun state! Please guild me on how to join, so as to make the people in my local government benefit from this program

  20. Abdullahi Alkasim

    I mistakenly press cash out icon and the money was send via it, but i didnt get the cardless transactions code. Yet the money was pending. Pls reply

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