Tradermoni Field Agent in Nigeria could Earn 100K for Data Collation

Tradermoni Field Agent in Nigeria could Earn 100K for Data Collation

You could earn as much as N100,000 as TraderMoni (MobileForms) Field Agent by compiling data of petty traders in Nigeria.

Some Osun young residents have signed up for the programme to become tradermoni field agents.

Yes, It’s real.

If you haven’t heard about TraderMoni, it’s part of Nigeria’s Federal Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP) and bank of Industry (BOI).

TraderMoni is aimed at giving collateral-free loan to petty traders across Nigeria.

TraderMoni is using a high-powered technology called MobileForms to collate details of petty traders across Nigeria.

How much is government giving out as loan to petty traders?

The target of the TraderMoni initiative is to give collateral-free loan to petty traders to support their businesses.

The loan ranges between N10.000.00 to N50,000

“At the beginning you can access N10,000 and pay back N10,250 to qualify for N15,000. Once you payback N15,375 you will qualify for N20,000 loan, when you pay back N21,000 you will get N50,000. All these stages have duration of six months interval to pay back,” the Executive Director, Bank of Industry, Toyin Adeniji, said in Lagos.

How does TraderMoni Field Agent work?

The programme has kicked started in Lagos and some other states.

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Right now, collation of a TraderMoni data is ongoing in Osun State, South West, Nigeria.

Your job is to collate data of Petty Traders only in Osun State who will be beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s 10,000 naira empowerment for 70,000 Petty Traders.

How much you earn

If you registered 200 petty traders, you will be paid N20,0000.

If you registered  1,000 petty traders you will be paid N100, 0000.

The TraderMoni is targeting 70,000 petty traders in Osun State, and filed agents are needed to help collate the list.

List of state where tradermoni has reached

Presently tradermoni collateral free loan has gotten to 15 states. It’ll get to other states soon. Check the UPDATED STATE HERE.

Requirements to become TraderMoni Field Agent

  1. Your android phone or smartphones with Google location tools
  2. Active data
  3. Active e-mail address

How to start as tradermoni field agent

  1. Download MobileForms App from Google Play Store, Find it HERE
  2. Fill the field workers profile form.
  3. A form with which you’re going to work with will be shared with you on your profile
  4. Check your email for further details
  5. Login to the MobileForms App, and click on All Forms Section. This form is called Traders Enumeration Form
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Do you want to work as a tradermoni field agent in your state?

Check one of our previous posts, or tell us here and we will guide you how to go about it. You’d be paid base on the number of “valid” people you’re able to register.


Note:TraderMoni-MobileForms Field Agent infobase

Remember, no paper is involved, everything is done on the App. Make sure your phone GPS settings is ON Low/GPS only.

Be advised not to take records of traders who are under-age.

It’d be recalled that N-power social media channels in 2017 recommended MobileForms for its beneficiaries, telling them to watch out for available projects.

If you’re in Osun and will be available for the project, a special WhatsApp group has been created for TraderMoni-MobileForms Field Agent to guide you through in case of any difficulties in filling the Traders Enumeration Form

When the programme gets to your state we’ll let you know.


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  1. Hi I am sadiq mustapha by name I want to an agent with the northern state I am ready to go and I have fill mobile form but no respond yet I live in kano I am ready for the work. Thank you

  2. I want to be an agent of Tradermoni mobile forms in any state that you posted me, because i have a much full time since i graduated and i studied computer engineering. I’m currently in kano 08068146161

  3. Dear sir/Ma, I wish to become a tradermoni agent data collation in kaduna State. Please how do I go about it. Thank you. Will be awaiting your response. My number is 08061554159/ 07055909190

  4. Hello
    Need a help please.i have downloaded the app and filled the form but not completely.The place where you wrote ‘capture GPS and tap here, I tapped on it but this was what they said
    Message. GPS is disabled on this device ‘So what I should do for that please?

    • Hello Abdurraheem,

      If you see that kind of error, it means there’s a space you need to fill. If that’s the case try to review your form, and fill it correctly without leaving out any space.


      Which state are you? To know if Mobile Forms Field agents are on ground in your state. We’re currently working on a guide on how to use Mobile Forms App, it should be live on this blog in a few hours from NOW.

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