10 Best Cities to Work Remotely in Europe: Vienna is No. 1


Apart from being one of the livable cities in the world, Vienna is the best city to work remotely in Europe, a new study has revealed by using several factors to gauge major cities in Europe.

In a report by Icelandair’s team of travel researchers, the study ranked cities among the countries in Europe to know the best places to travel and work away from the usual corporate offices.

Remote work became the new norm after the March 2020 coronavirus pandemic restriction changed the way we work, live and travel globally.


Instead of shutting down operations, corporate organizations adjusted their work schedule to allow their employees to operate from their homes or private office or any other place outside the traditional corporate building.

Teachers and lecturers in some tech advanced countries around the world also adopted virtual classes with their students.

But then, not also cities have the necessary support or amenities or the conducive environment to make working remotely easy and smooth.

But the new report, the beautiful city of Vienna won out as the best place for what Icelandair calls, “The best European cities for a wellness workcation,” ranking above Denmark, the capital city of Denmark; Edinburg (England); Frankfurt (Germany), and Helsinki (Finland).

What makes this research Vienna’s ranking interesting is the fact that this is coming a few days after European Environment Agency (EEA) ranked Austria number as the best country to enjoy wild swimming in Europe.

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The study assessed and ranked cities in Europe based on factors, including internet speed, safety, health care, cost of living, air pollution, quality of life, and climate index.

Known for its rich history and cultural heritage including its unique coffee houses spread across the city, classical music, architecture, and museums, no wonder the population of Vienna grew to 1.9 million at the beginning of 2021, according to the information from the office of the city’s Mayor

Vienna, which is also ranked No. 2 on the global list of destinations to work remotely, has got you covered in your free time to visit places that gladden your spirit and enjoy the lovely people of Austria’s capital city.

What Are the Best Cities to Work Remotely in Europe?

Icelandair’s report found out that up to 58% of employees surveyed would like to fully work from home or take up a remote role in the future while 39% say they would prefer a hybrid working model.

The best cities to work remotely in Europe are:

2Copenhagen Denmark
3EdinburghThe UK
6Zurich Switzerland
9BristonUnited Kingdom

Remote work comes with a lot of advantages. They include:

  • Avoiding traffic or busy commuters
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Time for relax
  • More free time
  • Saves a lot of time since workers would not need to commute to the usual corporate office

And of course, this freedom to work remotely enables workers to travel to any part of the world to get their job done, most importantly where their safety will be guaranteed and where they can get a fast internet connection to communicate with co-workers and get their work done without hitches.

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In all, Austria’s city Vienna is the location place to work from home in Europe.

Featured image:

  • Vienna state opera


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