Popular Stores for Black Friday Deals in South Dakota

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If there’s one day of the year that shoppers look forward to, it’s black Friday. The shopping season sales are some of the best and most cost-efficient ways to shop for back-to-school essentials, home goods, and seasonal fashions at affordable prices.

Whether you’re a deal hunter or just looking for a few new stores to check out this season, here’s a list of some famous stores with killer deals on Black Friday in South Dakota.

Many stores participate in this event every year. Some have great deals, but others have little. Residents in the Mount Rushmore State don’t want to be left out and they search for special deals.

black friday deals

To help you find the perfect store for your needs, we have put together a list of all the famous locations offering great deals this Black Friday in South Dakota:


Menards is a discount home improvement store founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in 1960. 

The chain has since expanded to over 1,600 stores across the United States and Canada.

As of 2019, Menards is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, with an annual revenue of $10 billion and over 30 million customers annually.

Menards Black Friday sales 2022 are expected to be among its best amazing deals. Menards Black Friday prices are jaw-droppingly low.

The company will offer up to 50% off more than 2 million items, including tools such as hand saws and appliances like refrigerators and stoves to help prepare your house for winter!


Kohl’s is a popular store that has been around for 95 years. They offer a wide variety of merchandise, from clothing to electronics and household items.

Kohl’s is also known for their annual Black Friday sales in November. The retailer offers deals on apparel, shoes, and household products.

In addition, If you’re looking for a great place to shop this Thanksgiving weekend, visit Kohl’s online store or head over to one of their stores near you and check out all of the great deals they have!

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Kohl’s Black Friday 2022 starts in shop and online on Nov.20 through Nov.25, and you can earn $15 Kohl’s cash on every $50 spent.

December 2021 data showed that Kohl’s has 1,162 locations spread across the U.S. which can be found in all the states except the state of Hawaii.

Kohl’s have 1 store in Aberdeen, 1 in Rapid City, and 2 in Sioux Falls. Kohl’s stores in Sioux Falls are located at:

1) 3800 S Louise Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

2) 921 S Highline Pl

Sioux Falls, SD 57110

J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney is an excellent place to get amazing deals on electronics, clothing, and home goods during Black Friday sales in South Dakota.

J.C. Penney has been around for decades and offers some of the best deals nationwide for its Black Friday specials each year.

They have been offering up to 50% off electronics like TVs, laptops, and more as part of their Black Friday sale schedule since 1971!

In addition to this super cheap sale on electronics, you can also find great discounts on clothing such as:

  • jeans or shorts;
  • t-shirts; shoes;
  • handbags;
  • jewelry & watches
  • recliners,
  • chairs,
  • desks,
  • lamps,
  • tables,
  • rugs,
  • pillows,
  • blankets. J.C.

Penney will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and opens early at 5 am on Black Friday.

J.C. Penney have over 600 stores across the US, if you are not in SD, you can use the department store’s locator finder at jcpenney.com/locations/sd


Macy’s is a popular retail chain that offers great deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories. They also have some of the best home goods and furniture deals in South Dakota.

Macy’s rewards program helps you earn points that can be exchanged for discounts on items at every store in their chain (including online). Their Black Friday sales are usually outstanding! See below for details:

Macy’s Black Friday Early Access started on Nov.14 and it is going through Nov.19. The sales include amazing discounts (50% to 70%) on women’s clothes, boots, shoes, jewelry, and kitchen appliances. The store opens from 6 am to 11:59 pm on Black Friday.

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Best Buy

Best Buy, the largest retailer in the United States, has a wide selection of electronics and appliances.

Their Black Friday sales are some of the best, and they have many deals on big-screen TVs, computers, and more.

Best Buy offers up to 50% off select electronics and appliances, and you can shop online through their website or app, and you can also shop at a store.

The store sells everything from home decor to shoes to toys so you can find something for every family member here.


Scheels is a South Dakota sporting goods and clothing store. They have many sporting goods, including baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, skates,  and camping gear.

Scheels Black Friday sales 2022 will be huge as there will be up to 25% off apparel and footwear, free shipping on orders over $50, and up to 60% off sale items.

Scheels Black Friday sales 2022 start on Nov.20 and through Nov.28, and they open at 7 am on black Friday but will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Scheels has been in business since 1902 and we don’t expect anything less in this year’s Black Friday deals.


Target is a general merchandise retailer that offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, home goods, and more.

The store also has an extensive collection of groceries to meet your needs. The store offers many services such as Target Restock, Target Optical, and even mobile services such as Target Mobile App! You can order merchandise online or pick it up in-store for free with these services!

You can get great deals on furniture sets or even electronics like laptops or TVs that generally cost much more when purchased elsewhere.

Fleet farm

Fleet farm is a chain of stores located in the Midwest. The company has over 70 locations and offers a wide selection of tools and appliances, sporting goods, clothing, and food products.

You can find everything you need for home renovations or prepare for your next camping trip!

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They also have great deals on laptops & computers if you want something that’s not too heavy yet still powerful enough to handle all your daily tasks at school or work.

Some top deals of fleet farm 2022 Black Friday include CRAFTSMAN Mechanics tool set – 227 Pc for $90, Werner 6 ft Type II fibreglass Step Ladder for $50, and Milwaukee M12 5-Tool Cordless Combo Kit for $200.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a home improvement store that sells everything you need to do your home.

It has over 2,200 stores in the United States and Canada (and about 5,000 stores worldwide). Home Depot is the largest retailer of home appliances in the United States.

Home Depot has many great Black Friday deals and sales every year, and it’s one of the best places to shop for home improvement items.

Whether you want to save money on appliances or find new home furniture, Home Depot has you covered with their Black Friday deals!


Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, and furniture.

This year’s Black Friday deals at Walmart will be as good as ever, so don’t miss out on your chance to score significant savings!

Walmart’s Black Friday sale includes deals on gadgets such as Apple devices, Samsung, Roku, and more, clothing for every member of the family, robot vacuums, toys, and small kitchen appliances. With discounts of at least 25% to 50% on most items.

There are 15 Walmart stores in South Dakota, find the one closer to your location to enjoy the special deals during this shopping season.


If you’re looking for great Black Friday deals, many retailers offer fabulous sales the day after Thanksgiving.

Whether you shop online or go to their brick-and-mortar stores, several retailers have amazing deals and promotions on Black Friday.

If you’re planning to buy something special this holiday season, keep an eye out for Black Friday deals and sales at your favorite stores in South Dakota.

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