Best time of the day to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum in Nigeria

Has any Nigerian cryptocurrency investor noticed the best time of the day to buy and sell Cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other coins?

Though no one can specifically say the best time of the day to buy digital currencies, but I’ve noticed in recent time that it’s more favourable to buy bitcoin or ethereum at night in Nigeria.

The price goes down more at night than do during the day here in Nigeria, don’t forget there is variations in time, this must also be put into consideration.

So far with my personal experience it’s better to buy at night and sell during the day (if you’re a short term investor) using Nigerian time?

Quick tip:

Take two or three days to monitor the cryptocurrency market and share with the rest of us what you observed.

Why do you need to find the best time of day to buy cryptocurrency?

You really need to monitor the best of the day to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria or any part of the World, even as it is a known fact that you can buy cryptocurrency anytime you want.

But does it really matter whether you buy at midnight or midday?

According to, “this all comes down to optimisation”. Because not all trading times were created equal.

This simply means, “If you can optimise when to buy cryptocurrency, you’ll be better off long-term. Even if you make a mere 2% extra by trading at the best time, you’ll reap the rewards in compound interest.”

Please note that cryptocurrency trading is speculative, don’t rely on this 100%, do your own research, you can monitor the performance of the coins in the market from morning till night, then from 1AM to 4AM.


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