Future Focus: Tapping into the Wealth In Digital Launched to Inspire Africa’s Young Generation

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 07:15 am

A new book, “Future Focus: Tapping into the Wealth In Digital” has been launched to inspire Africa’s young generation, a press release by Neema Communications has said.

Written by Wale Ameen, one of the most promising journalists with several years of experience in broadcast and digital, the book is a timely resource for the young and emerging workforce on the future of work and business in the era of digitization.

The book opens your eyes to the future of work in the light of the fast move towards digitization where the dynamics of work as we know it right now is about to change forever.

Benefits of the book, “Future Focus: Tapping into the Wealth In Digital”

It highlights the inherent opportunities young entrepreneurs need to plug into and changes they need to adopt in order to stay relevant in the business world.

The book unravels new business ideas targeted at meeting future needs of nations which will in turn rightly position you for opportunities of the future.

The author Wale Ameer says:

“This book is for every young person out there, both in school and already in the workforce as well as entrepreneurs who want to stay relevant as the world moves on into the era of digitization and automation.

“The future belongs to those who can create it today and that is exactly what the book aims to help every reader achieve,” he said.

The book is coming at a time organisations around the world are tapping into unlimited opportunities in cryptocurrency via blockchain technology in financing and as a way of doing business faster and more effectively.

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Interestingly, the book isn’t exclusively designed for the young workforce and entrepreneurs but is also a must-have for employers and everyone seeking a sneak preview into the coming digital advancement and ideas on how to stay rightly positioned.

It is available in leading online booksellers and on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

About the Author


With a special focus on business and tech, Wale Ameen is a journalist with several years of experience in broadcast and digital.

He is also an entrepreneur and runs Neema Communications Network, owners of brands such as datastreamng.com and theexclusiveafrica.net

Media contact:

  • waleameen@gmail.com
  • Phone no: 09052846131



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