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The federal government has released update on FADAMA III for those who applied for the programme last year.

In a tweet, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said applicants will soon begin to get their starter pack

However, that seems not to go down well with applicants as they complained of under implementation of the programme, “how can you be telling us update when we have applied more than 12 months ago?” one of the applicants complained.

The FADAMA III AF project is designed to empower Nigerians who want to take up agriculture and as part of the plans of FG’s plan to diversify the economy.

Primarily, the idea is to introduce a pool of unemployed graduate youth and women to new agribusiness ideas thereby leveraging their energy, motivation, and innovation to strengthen the drive for the diversification of the economy and social change, and enhancing national food security,” FMARD said in a latest update.

Consequently, training has been organized for 5,916 successful candidates from 23 satisfactory states.

Those who were shortlisted to benefit from the FADAMA III have also been urged to stay tuned as status of the disbursement of funds to eligible candidates is underway.

What is the meaning of FADA?

FADAMA is not specifically an acronym, if it is it would have full meaning, but it is a word borrowed from Hausa language.

FADAMA simply means a name for irrigable land—usually low-lying plains underlaid by shallow aquifers found along major river systems

However, the programme which was adopted by the Federal Government has also gotten the support of the World Bank.

Its cardinal objective is to providing a source of water for livestock during dry seasons, and “support large and diverse resident or transient wildlife including herbivores, carnivores and migratory birds.”

We now have the support of the governors and commissioners of agriculture of most states and in the next six months, Fadama will make a tremendous incursion in the rural areas and enhance the productivity and well being of our farmers ,” said Abimbola Adubi, World Bank team leader for the project said.

FADAMA has become a household name in Nigeria, “and the competitive spirit that is engendered among the states will further improve implementation significantly,” Adubi said three years ago, and we are becoming to witness that.

The US$450 million Fadama III project is being implemented in 35 states, and in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory. Financing is comprised of US$250 million from International Development Agency (IDA) credits and $200 million counterpart contributions from Nigeria’s federal, state and local governments and beneficiaries.

The project, approved by the World Bank’s Board of Directors in July 2008, has six main components:

  1. Capacity Building, local government and communication.
  2. Small scale community-owned infrastructure.
  3. Advisory services and input support development.
  4. Support to the Agricultural Development Programs (ADPs) sponsored research and on-farm demonstrations.
  5. Asset acquisition for individual fadama Users Groups (FUGs)/Economic Interest Groups (EIGs).
  6. Project management, monitoring and evaluation.

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