Google working on Advanced Protection Program for corporate executives, powerful politicians

Google is aware, as always, of the cyberattacks targeting highly placed persons from across the World. The most recent of them is politically motivated attacks resulting from hacks.

The tech giant will soon be coming up with security tools for online accounts to better insulate corporate executives, politicians and others with heightened security concerns.

In a recent report by Bloomberg, Alphabet Inc. has been commissioned to come up with the fortress advanced security tools called the Advanced Protection Program (APP).

The security tool would be coming with a collection of features onto accounts such as email, including a new block on third-party applications from accessing data. The reason to block third-party applications might be as a result of wave of developers rising up every minute by coming up with an application that offer irresistible features even though some of them have ulterior motives.

Using a third-party application on your Google account isn’t advisable anyway, and Google has always been issuing strong warnings to anyone who finds joy in giving third-party app into his account.

According to Bloomberg, the program would effectively replace the need to use two-factor authentication to protect accounts with a pair of physical security keys.

Google has reasons to come up with such security measure because hackers always find a way of circumventing a “reigning” security tool. It’d be recalled that the Gmail messages of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta were famously hacked in 2016, along with the databases of the Democratic National Committee.

Google released software in 2014 for a USB Security Key, a device designed to improve existing security measures, like two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication involves using a second code or password, for example, to log onto email.

How USB Security Key

When plugged into computers, the key lets users create more robust security measures for accounts on Gmail and other Google sites. The new service will continue to require a physical USB key in addition to a second physical key for greater protection.

The new service will block all third-party programs from accessing a user’s emails or files stored on Google Drive, bloomberg says.

The program will be updated with new features to protect user data on an on-going basis.

Over the past year, security experts say Google continues to upgrade its security system for its users. Google needs to do that since its existence depends on the patronage it receives from advertisers, business executives, and political heavyweight from across the world.

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