Meet 17 Year-Old Joseph Phiri Who Rightly Guesses Mobile Recharge Card Pins After Smoking Marijuana

Last Updated on October 27, 2019 by Ope Quadri

A 17-year-old boy Joseph Phiri in Lusaka, Zambia, can rightly guess mobile recharge card PINs. He made this happen after taking “Igbo” or “Weed” or “Ganja” popularly known as cannabis or marijuana.

That’s weird!

Joseph Phiri rightly guess Mobile Recharge Card PINs after smoking Marijuana

Because of his unusual gift, his family members now buy enough cannabis for him to rightly guess mobile recharge PINS which they sell, fed the family with and make savings.

It’s incredible!

Something simply sounds hard to believe but they indeed happen, a few hours ago, we reported that a Pastor in Ghana forced one of his church members to smoke Marijuana during service as a way of delivery him from smoking the hard drug again.

All in Africa! We’ve seen similar incredible stories in USA and around the World.

According to Zambia Observer, the young Joseph Phiri is frustrating Mobile Network providers and resellers of recharge cards in his community.

We heard that there are plans to stop the boy from getting access to Mobile recharge PINS from his weird World of Ganga.

Joseph Phiri, according to report has been feeding his family by selling the airtime scratch cards(vouchers) for much cheaper prices than their actual value for two years now.

His sister who confirmed the report said Joseph only needs to be very high on weed to start guessing airtime scratch cards(vouchers) and he knows which network he is guessing for before he starts saying out numbers.

“I just have to keep a pen and paper close to me whenever he is high on weed, he doesn’t do cheap airtime like K1, K2, K5 or K10. He starts at K20 going up and we sell them at 50% discount. I even opened a savings account in January this year and so far we have made K37000” Zambia Observer quoted Misozi Phiri, Joseph’s sister as saying.

The reporter who was investigating the report said that he was talking to Misozi, when Joseph who was already high started saying voucher PIN, saying MTN and suddenly started saying out a sequence of numbers which turned out to be K50 MTN Airtime which was sold at 50% discount…far cheaper than the usual price.

An attempt by the Mobile network operators to arrest Joseph Phiri for rightly guessing Mobile Recharge Card PINs after smoking Marijuana

It was gathered that at least two mobile network providers operating in Zambia have attempted to get him arrested but the police said “there’s nothing they can charge him for he obviously didn’t commit any crime but if it’s true he uses illegal drugs he could be arrested for possession and use of illegal drugs only if we find them on him”.

In the meantime, major mobile operators MTN and Airtel are planning to to take him to Great North Academy Rehab Centre to fight his addiction as a way to stop him from selling their products.

We’ll keep you updated!

It’s a weird world, isn’t it?

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