How To Make Money From Opera News Hub (Top Tips)

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Just like US-residents can make money on by creating great content, Nigerians and other five other African countries can now write and make money from Opera News Hub, a platform owned by Opera Inc.

Before I delve fully into this, do you know that you can make as much as N300, 000 writing on Opera News Hub? In this post, I’ll also share with on how to receive your Opera News Hub earning in Opay account and how to withdraw it to your bank account.

I’ll also show you how to withdraw your Opera News Hub earning to your desired bank account i.e from Opay to bank account.

With over 160 million active users monthly in Africa on the Opera News App, you’re definitely on the right place to make some money.

Opera News Hub make money writing articles

Yeah, you read that correctly! Write, share and earn. It’s similar to a writing programme on where hundreds of people around the world make money writing and sharing useful contents. Unfortunately, the write and make money isn’t available for Nigerians.

We’ll tell all you need to know about on how to make money with Opera News Nigeria through writing.

But don’t you worry, Opera News has brought that opportunity to its millions of users in Nigeria with its new product called Opera News Hub. It’s a meeting place for great writers.

We’ll focus on how you can make as much as N200K as an unsigned writer

See the details according to the update on the official platform of Opera News Hub (ONH) below:

10, 000 views= N360

Number of articles per day: 5

If you continue to write five articles per day and you have each of your article doing at least 50K views, that’s something huge at the end of the month.

See how this is possible below (Data below isn’t real):

Day 1: 5 articles received 100, 000 views

Note: Views on your articles is calculated based on the performance of each article).

100, 000 divided by 10, 000= 10



NOTE: We’ve heard about the situation whereby a single post generated N300, 000 views!

You could make as much as N200, 000 per month with the latest Opera News Hub

To us at InfomediaNG, that may not hugely affect your current job. You could as well be coming up with two thought-provoking articles per week. You can check How to calculate your Opera News Earning

Opera News Hub influencer

Requirements for Opera News Hub Writer (Social Media Influencer)

  • Full name
  • Functional email address
  • Phone number
  • Must have at 1000 friends on Facebook
  • At least 1000 followers on Twitter
  • Instagram followers of at least 1000

It’s possible to have 60K followers on Twitter and below 1000K on Facebook, depending on the social media you’re most active on. You can apply.

Opera News Hub Dashboard to earn

You have an edge when your social media account is verified.

10 things we love about Opera News Hub Nigeria

1. It doesn’t hinder your present job, it’s flexible. You’re free to work at your own pace. You could choose to write and publish just two articles or more per week, depending on your work schedule.

2. It is a reward for passion.

3. It also means you can begin to make extra cash from your social media following.

4. Write interesting articles, publish on your Opera News Hub account, share with your followers and get paid from the traction of your content

5. You work remotely, from your workplace, from home or anywhere you are, you have access to an Opera News Hub dashboard.

6. Apart from earning, it also gives you more opportunity to reach a wider audience. This is because your content will be live on Opera News App. Opera News App has over 50 million downloads on Google Playstore ALONE and several millions of readers on the App every day.

7. You connect with the rest of the world through Opera News Hub.

8. It is an opportunity to sell or market yourself. This is because you can gain thousands of followers right within the app provided you’re able to connect with them through your contents.

9. Opera News Hub is legally binding. That is there is a document to sign meaning you are protected just like the owners of Opera.

10. To me, it also looks like a way of saying THANK YOU to the Nigerian market which is the largest in Africa.

How to avoid article rejection

Kindly read the guidelines and abide by them before you hit the publish button. You may also find the following tips useful so as to avoid your article from being rejected:

1) Indicate on your headline when writing an opinion piece, let it come first EG

  • Why Buhari May Not Support A Northern Presidential Candidate in 2023 (Opinion) REJECTED
  • Opinion: Why Buhari May Not Support A Northern Presidential Candidate in 2023 ACCEPTED

2) Indicate on your headline when writing a fictional story, let the word, “Fiction” come first EG

  • How I Spent 10 Years With A Man Who Kidnapped My Father (Fiction) REJECTED
  • Fiction: How I Spent 10 Years With A Man Who Kidnapped My Father ACCEPTED

NOTE: Write fiction story that teaches moral

3) Don’t use article rewriting tool, if you do it WILL be rejected

4) Avoid symbols in your headline

How to register

To start creating content, share and earn on Opera News Hub, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for opera news hub at
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Use the Facebook account to sign up
  4. Confirm your details
  5. Create your username on the wemedia information page
  6. Choose your preferred category (area of interest for your content)
  7. Upload your photo
  8. Write a short description about yourself or about what your followers and prospective readers should expect from your page
  9. Click next to the following details: legal name choose country, phone number
  10. Click confirm
  11. Wait for your account to undergo review. In less than 24 hours it should be up and running.
  12. Start creating content, publish and earn at least $100 monthly.

How To The Registration Form

The registration form contains the terms and condition and spaces to append your signature and you expected to fill.

  • Print out the last two pages of the form and fill the following:
  • Name:
  • Phone:
  • Email address:
  • Opera News Hub Account:
  • Personal Identification Information: one of the following will do: Driver’s licence, National ID car, Voter’s card
  • OPay number: This is your mobile wallet account to receive your payment. OPay is also owned by Opera Inc. We already have a guide on how to set up Opay Account. After setting up your Opay account, your account number will be the phone number you registered with. It is an 11-digit number e.g  07030000111.
  • Date:
  • Sign the influencer space with date.
  • Scan the signed pages and e-mail it back to Opera News for final verification.

How to publish your first post

Opera News Hub Publishing platform

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on “CREATE ARTICLE” Tips: You can first create your content on Word Doc, when you are done with the editing, you can copy and paste on the create article space.
  3. Upload photo in your content
  4. Scroll down to choose the right category for your content
  5. Use tags
  6. Preview if you like, and then hit publish.

Wow! You just a step away from earning from your writing. However, you will have to be patient for a few minutes or hours depending on the time you published, your post will pass through the

quality control unit before it’s live.

Tips: Download the Opera News App to start sharing your contents on social media

If you could write on LinkedIn, create 1000 words on Facebook or on any other social media without anyone paying you for it, it’s time to make money from your writing.

Create, Share and Earn with Opera News Hub! It is one of the products of Opera Inc.

How to earn more and win bonus

  1. Choose a topic or category that is exciting to Nigerians
  2. Be simple as much as possible to connect your content with your audience
  3. Share your content with your followers on social media. There is social media share buttons below every content published on Opera News App
  4. Encourage your followers to read and share your content
  5. Choose a controversial topic, but be objective as much as you can so that you trigger your readers to air their views. If you’re going to take a side, do it sparingly.
  6. If you’re writing about sports, it advisable to go for popular sports or league. English Premier League, La Liga and other popular leagues will earn you more readers. Writing about Saudi Arabia League, or Russia League may get you little or no audience in Nigeria.
  7. Avoid defamation in your content in order to scale through the quality control unit.
  8. You can instal Grammarly on your device in order to minimise grammatical error in your content.
  9. Make your content interactive, like asking about your readers’ views at the end.

If you don’t have the requirements for the influencer stuff, you can participate in Opera News Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest and WIN N100K, you don’t need to an influencer to win the grand prize.

How To Link Opera News Hub to OPay account (For Payment)

Opera News Hub makes payment to its contributors and writers signed and unsigned through OPay account. This means you will have to create an account and link to your hub profile page.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to link opera news hub to OPay account for you to receive your payment on payment when you reach payment threshold on December 15 of every month.

In one of our earlier posts, we told you how to calculate your Opera News Hub earning based on the performance of your post.

Traffic bonus will be based on how many clicks one article get. The only article with more than 10,000 clicks (views) will be eligible for the traffic bonus.

For an article with more than 20,000 clicks, it will be paid ₦ 360 per 10,000 clicks, meaning you earn N720 on that article alone.

If you created five of such articles per day with such views, it’ll make something significant. The good part of it is that you could get 300K or more per one article considering the millions of users on Opera News App.

How can I Link your my Opay account to Opera News Hub Account to receive payment?

Link OPay Account to Opera News Hub Account to receive payment

  • Step 1: First download Opay App from Google Playstore and verify your account
  • Step 2: Sign up as a contributor or writer on using your Facebook account
  • Step 3: On your dashboard home page, Click “Account”
  • Step 4: Scroll down and click Link Account

The first 10-digit of your phone number is your OPay Account Number e.g if your phone number is 08000000001, then your Opay account number will be 8000000001.

Link Opera News Hub to OPay account

Click on SAVE, that’s all your Opera News Hub account is linked to your OPay account.

You can begin to receive your payment when you’re qualified.

NOTE: Please make sure you fill in the correct payment withdrawal information. You shall bear all losses that result from any errors in the payment account information provided by you.

How to get paid

It’s advisable to download OPay Mobile Wallet which is also owned by Opera. OPay payments will be processed after your total income reaches 5000 naira.

To benefit from quick disbursement of your opera news earning, simply link your Opera News Hub account to your Opay Wallet.

Please note that you have to link your opera news account with your opay account for you to receive payment as quickly as possible.

Do you have more questions on how your opera news earning is calculated?

How to Transfer Money from Opay Wallet to Bank Account

When you receive your Opera News Hub earning in Opay account, the next is how to withdraw it or possibly cash out. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make a transfer from Opay wallet to a bank account.

You can only withdraw cash from Opay wallet when the money is in your bank account.

There are several reasons who may want to withdraw your money from your wallet to your bank account

  1. If your friend transfer a certain amount to you
  2. If you receive earning from Opera News Hub

So, how can you get this done?

How to transfer from Opay account to bank account

Follow the steps below

Transfer From Opay Account To Your Bank Account

Note: First download Opay app

  • Step 1: Log in to opay app
  • Step 2: From the homepage are three options, I) transfer to opay, II) transfer to bank, III) transfer to friends
  • Step 3: Click on “Bank” option which you can find at the middle depending on the kind of device you’re using.
  • Step 4: Click bank name to select your preferred destination bank from the drop-down menu. All banks are listed.
  • Step 5: Enter the account number, input the amount you want to transfer, other spaces are optional.
  • Step 6: Click done and check the details of the destination account and the name of the person you want to transfer to. Be sure so that you don’t transfer to the wrong bank account.

Confirm your transfer.

Transfer From Opay Wallet To Bank Account

That’s all. Within a few seconds, your bank account should be credited.

Transfer From Opay Account To Bank Account

That’s how to transfer from Opay account to your bank account within minutes.

Testimonies About Opera News Hub (Nigeria)

In this section, we’ll share with you some of the good news from those who have benefited from the writing programme.

How I made over N70, 000 on Opera News Hub in less than 30 days

Brian Tracy said something significant about appreciation and it’s instructive to say that his quote is a true reflection of how I feel on January 17, 2020 when my Opay account was credited with N78, 462 being the payment for the articles I wrote and published on the new Opera’s new product Opera News Hub.

Don’t forget that a guy actually earned over N600K within the same period!

To many people, that might be a small amount, but to someone like me who is presently a full housewife, that amount means something. You know what I’m talking about when it comes to bills.

This post isn’t to brag about the amount but to say something about Tracy quotes who said, “Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”

Well, I’ll share some insights into how I heard about it and how I started, having published a number of articles on Facebook groups and page without any financial compensation of any sort. I love writing and there is no regret about that.

But I feel excited to have a platform like that is ready to compensate me for sharing my views on issues.

So you didn’t know that pays for sharing your views on issues?

Yes actually does pay writers on the contents shared on the platform. But it’s not available for Nigerians.

But Opera Inc brought this to Nigerians to make some money on their ideas and views about issues.

How I earned over N78K within a month

Under this review, lemme share with you the number of article I published and how they fair.

  • Kick off date: December 5, 2019
  • Number of article published: 52
  • Number of rejected articles: 5
  • Number of published articles: 47


47 articles earned me over N78K within 30 days.

Small, right? Exploitative as some people described it considering how much clicks I got from the article, right?

But…What of it Opera goes the way of Facebook and gives you a platform to only share your opinion without any compensation and even ban you?

For this, I say…

A big thank you to Opera News Hub for the wonderful idea which some struggling Nigerians are using as a supporting way of surviving in a country where most of the politicians are only concerned about their immediate family while they siphone billions of naira that could be beneficial to millions of needy and millions of jobless Nigerians to foreign accounts.

There is no other way than to go the way of Melody Beattie who says, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”

Thank you Opera News Hub.

Yusuf Omotayo wins N100,000 Award on Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub, a microblogging platform managed by Opera News Nigeria has announced Yusuf Omotayo as the winner of its N100, 000 Opera News Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest.

The announcement was today on the official twitter page of Opera News Hub. The announcement has also been posted on Opera News App.

In one of our posts, we told you that 1 Best writer would take home N100,000; 5 second best writers to win ₦50, 000 each while 20 third-best writers to enjoy the Christmas with ₦20, 000 each

The Best President Theme Essay Contest started on November 23, 2019 and came to an end on December 6, 2019.

We received hundreds of submissions for this essay contest.We are grateful, for your support and participation.

“We will continue to launch essay contest on different themes in the future, and we look forward to your interest and participation,” Opera News Nigeria stated.

First Prize (For 1 writer, ₦ 100000)

Yusufomotayo :Nigeria Will Regret Not Giving Goodluck Jonathan A Second Chance

Second Prize( For 5 writers, ₦ 50000 per person)

Those who won 50, 000 naira each are:

  1. OnyeNkuzi: President Buhari Is An Igbo Hero
  2. Onos147: This Man Here Is The Best President Nigeria Has Ever Had
  3. Chimaizuobi: Who Is The Best President Nigeria Ever Had? I Think I’d Vote Obasanjo
  4. Tatafonaija: Who is the Best Nigerian President of All Time?
  5. Naijapalaba: Who is the best President in the History of Nigeria and why is he the best?

Third Prize(For 20 writers, ₦ 20000 per person)

Winners of 20, 000 naira are:

  1. QubesMagazine :The leader who made history in Nigeria
  2. iwonpopular :President Goodluck Jonathan , The Best president Nigeria Ever Had
  3. BoluSam23 :For These Four Reasons, Buhari Is Nigeria’s Best President Since Independence
  4. PrechNjoku :Meet the president who has had more impact in two years than Buhari has had in 4.
  5. SandraDicksonOyetayo :Reasons President Goodluck Jonathan Remains Nigeria’s All-Time Best President
  6. rhedrys :8 reasons why President Umaru Yar’Adua is the best President Nigeria ever had-No 5 will surprise you
  8. rilwanadetayobalogun :Yar’adua – The ‘Light’ Who Hardly Saw The Light Of Day
  9. TundeYoung97 :Why Muhammadu Buhari is the best president in the history of Nigeria
  10. SeunOye :Why Obasanjo Is Nigeria’s Best President Ever
  11. MikeAngelo :Olusegun Okikiolu Aremu Obasanjo: The Best Nigerian President Of All Time
  12. Methodman :The Best Nigerian President Of All Time: General Murtala Muhammed
  13. MbuyaziEmmanuel :Revealed: The Most Travelled Nigerian President is the Best President ever
  14. MrBakrin :Baba Iyabo; The Best President Nigeria Ever Had
  15. sploofeek :Murtala Muhammed is the Best President Nigeria ever had and this is why
  16. Henry200 :This Is Nigeria’s Best President Ever, Not Buhari Or Obasanjo
  17. AdetunjiBolorunduro :Why Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Is The Nigeria Best President Ever
  18. OnyeNkuzi :Buhari > (Obasanjo + YaraDua + Jonathan)
  19. ZephaniahBethelKalu :President Musa Yaradua: Nigeria’s Best President Of All Time
  20. @theprincelyx :Why Abacha is the best Nigerian President of all time

“Thank you again for your active participation in our activities. Winners will receive prizes in the near future. Authors who have not won, please do not be discouraged, and look forward to seeing your name in the winner list of subsequent essay activities! Come on!”

At the time of this report, opportunities are still opened for Nigerians to create and make money through their contents on Opera News Hub.

How to contact Opera News Hub Support Centre:

The channel is active on social media in case you encounter an issue in the course of your registration.

  1. Twitter: @OperaHubSupport
  2. Facebook: @OperaNewsHub

Ready to make money as a writer? BOOM!


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    1. Hello, Abodunrin,

      Did you include “do-follow” links? Or did you include affiliate links or a link back to your own blog? We urge you to take your time to go through the T&C to know the articles that allowed on the platform.

      Please contact the support centre right on Twitter and Facebook.

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    1. Hi Daniel,

      Someone from Opera will contact you and mail the terms and condition to you. However, a source said they are now focusing on celebrities and those who are highly influential in a specific industry. Celebs have upper hand now.

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      However, at the time of this response, you need to be a SUPER celeb in a specific field for your application to be considered.

      Regarding facebook friends, I’m not sure that feature is available on Facebook. You can only boost your Facebook page to get more followers or a specific post on your page.

  7. Happy New Month and wishing us all good tidings and more achievements this month and beyond.
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    1. If you started posting in December, you’ll be paid on or before January 15 if you reached the payment threshold.

      It’s N360 per 10k views on your post. Earning is calculated based on the views of each post not the aggregate of your entire post.

      Please read all our previous post on Opera News Hub on how to calculate your earning.

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    1. You don’t need to be signed before you get paid based on your article. Lots of unsigned writes had been paid since the programme started and they will continue to be paid in as much the programme remains. Pls go ahead and create superb contents.

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    1. Hello Praise,
      Opay Wallet is the mode of payment. Download Opay App to create an account, and go back to your Opera News Hub Account, scroll down and click on link with Opay. That’s all.

      If your post reads “Test online” it means your post must pass through the final review before you begin to see the impression and clicks of your post.

      “Test online means your post is being evaluated by Opera News users. You will have to successfully engage them in order to get your content published.”

        1. When you land at the page it says login with Facebook, on the opera news hub page, change your website to desktop version. Then login. You will see home, content library account etc. Click account and scroll down, you will see link your opay account. Was this helpful?

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    1. When you shared an issue, the link first takes the reader to a browser, from there he has an option to continue the reading on the app. Will put an article up about this.

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          1. Hey Eric, when your article shows test online you need not be bothered provided it complies with the rules. It’ll surely show your data again once it’s passed. Keep calm.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Read the rules and regulations. Avoid using Breaking News in your headline, don’t copy other people’s content, don’t use someone’s photo unless it is related to the story etc. Please follow OperaNewsHubAcademy on the app to read more about the rules guiding the Hub.

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    Please. Enroll me in. Can you?

    1. Hello Benjamin, you don’t really need to have that number of followers any longer. Check for the registration link here, start creating original and engaging content and start earning.

      Register HERE:

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    1. You said you write 5 articles per day. How do you find ideas or topics on what to write about?

    2. Do you submit your articles all at once or you submit them individually at different times of the day?

    1. Hello Okeke,
      1) Ideas are on Twitter (tweets by prominent people like politicians, public affairs analysts etc); you can also find useful ideas on national dailies, or ideas from your conversation with people. Ideas are everywhere.

      2) You could draft your contents when you’re free and publish at once if your article isn’t time-bound.

      If you’re jumping on breaking news, it means you’d have to publish as you’re done for it to get the impressions/clicks.

      It’s always great to get the news across to your potential reader when the news is hot and fresh.

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      I mistakenly deleted my opera news app I have downloaded another one but I am unable to trace my account what shall I do?

    1. The number of article depends on the grade of your account level, so I learnt. One of the hub writers said the number of articles you post per day may increase base on your continued performance: continue to post original articles, avoid bad articles, and abide by the hub’s rules.

  24. Please how can I register on the Opera mini news hub account, because I have a lot of stories that I will like to share .

    1. Hello Valentina,

      I guess you’re on level 1. Write more original contents and be consistent, you MAY be upgraded thereby increasing the number of posts you can publish per day.

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