Nigerian Pastor sent kidnappers to abduct another pastor in Auchi (video)

In what could be described winning souls by force, two suspected kidnappers have revealed that a man of God sent them to abduct another pastor in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria.

The pastor according to report sent kidnappers after another pastor in a rival ministry.

NTA report says the suspects drove into the church premises while members were in attendance during a Wednesday counselling and deliverance service.

In a video clip which has now gone viral, an eyewitness said the kidnappers requested the presence of the general overseer identified as Prophet Isaac Abraham.

The church members upon suspecting fowl play, managed to apprehend two out of four of the suspects that made their way into the church.

The other two who were reportedly armed, escaped.

Giving a confession of how they were approached and paid the sum of N200k each, the kidnappers, Gideon Daniel (soldier), and Oseni Igbiti (security guard), shared a telephone conversation between them and the sponsor who had put them up to the criminal activity.

Prophet Abraham, who was the target of the kidnappers, spoke with some members of the press.

According to him, when he confronted the men who managed to escape, they confessed that a certain Pastor Emeka Onu of Land of Solution Prophetic Mission, sent them.

Nigerian Pastor sent kidnappers to abduct another pastor in Auchi (video) 2

This isn’t the first time pastor would be involved in devilish act. Most churches in Nigeria are business centres where they exploit church members.

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