Pastor Paul Muwanguzi flogs church members for coming late to service (VIDEO)

Trending this hour is the video of a Uganda Pastor Paul Muwanguzi flogging his church members for coming late church service.

There are contradictory reports about the action of the former convict-turned pastor.

A report alleged that Pastor Paul Muwanguzi was spotted flogging his church members for coming late while another report said he took the disciplinary action against his member for allegedly failing to attend church service which held recently.

In the video sighted by InfomediaNG, the congregants were seen lying down while he passed around with a whip and as he flogs them one after the other.

The action of Pastor Paul Muwanguzi has sparked serious reactions on social media, though he isn’t the first to flog church members before the congregation. Another controversial pastor based in Ghana Bishop Daniel Obinim once flogged members of his church.

Who is Pastor Paul Muwanguzi?

  • Full name: William Paul Muwanguzi
  • Popular alias: Pastor Kiwedde

Pastor Paul Muwanguzi flogs church members for coming late to service

Pastor Paul Muwanguzi who is known as Pastor Kiwedde committed a serious crime in 2013 by impersonating a Kenyan Catholic priest who was performing healing prayers and miracles.

The ex-fraudulent pastor extorted millions of money from hundreds of unsuspecting followers who wanted miracle.

He was arrested and charged and sentenced to a four-year jail term. He escaped from jail before he was rearrested.

Famously known as Kiwedde was later extradited from Zimbabwe, a year after he escaped from prison, DailyMonitor reports.

In 2016 his arrest was confirmed by Mr Asan Kasingye, the director of International Police directorate in Uganda.

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He had escaped from Mutukula Government Prison in Rakai District while serving his four-year jail sentence.

Kalisizo Grade One magistrate Suzan Awidi then convicted Muwanguzi and sentenced him to two years in jail over impersonation and an additional three years on charges of attempted break-out from Kalisizo prison where he was on remand.

It was further gathered that after barely serving two years of his sentence, Muwanguzi in October last year escaped from Mutukula prison under unclear circumstances before running into hiding in Zimbabwe through Tanzania.

Pastor Paul Muwanguzi freedom from prison in 2018

Pastor Paul Muwanguzi freedom from prison in 2018
Pastor Paul Muwanguzi in 2018. Photo credit:

In September 18, 2018, News Post Uganda reported that he was released from prison after completing his jail term.

It was gathered that Pastor Kiwedde rocked the religious scene in 1998 when he established his first church in Namulanda along Entebbe road.

The acclaimed man of ‘God’ in the past has been accused of stage-managing testimonies in churches and on FM radios as confessed by his followers.

He had been accused of bribing people in the past to make false testimonies in order to win the hearts of other potential members.

Arrest in Zimbabwe for impersonation

Recalled that the pastor was arrested for flouting immigration laws and possessing a fake passport in the names of David Mubiru in Zimbabwe.

He was arrested in Zimbabwe’s s southern state of Waterfalls where he was operating a Holy Fire Ministries Church along with a fellow Ugandan.
Before his arrest, Pastor Paul Muwanguzi and his cohorts had drawn large crowds of people in the waterfalls area where they duped most of the unsuspecting faithful.

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He extorted a lot of money from his followers from which he accumulated wealth and bought lavish cars he branded with ‘Kiwedde’ an expression meaning ‘it is done’.

He has previously faced several charges including terrorism, illegal possession of firearms and assaulting a police officer on duty.

Change of name Paul Mwamba:

It would be recalled that in 2010, Muwanguzi changed his name to Paul Mwamba and went in hiding in Kenya where he opened a church in Eldoret which he operated since 2013.

Authorities have not spoken about the later “dehumanisation” of his church members.

Would he be arrested for assault?



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