‘I was born out of rape’ says Helen Paul

Last updated on January 6th, 2022 at 01:20 pm

Multi-talented and one of Nigeria’s A-list comedienne, Helen Paul recently revealed that she was born out of rape  in a heartfelt appreciation message to her mother on her Instagram page

Furthermore ,tatafo as she is popularly called who recently bagged a PhD from the prestigious citadel of learning University of Lagos wrote  “I HELEN PAUL dedicate this to my mum, you gave birth to me out of rape, they told you I wouldn’t amount to anything.

I grew up hearing from family members; being called a “Bastard” and each time I asked you, you said `Olorun lon wo omo were, Olorun ma wo e’.

“Meaning God watches over the child of a mad person, he’d watch over you).

“Mummy I want you to know I love you, I might not buy you Benz now because I don’t have a `Pant’ yet but this certificate will amount to something great.

“They say fame is nothing but Grace is everything and I pray for grace in everything I do.

“I’m not a Cele member but Late Oshofa gave me the name and everything Late Oshofa said about Helen Paul is coming to pass.

“I dedicate this to every mother, may God make you strong enough to survive and enjoy the fruit of your labour.”.

Moreso , according to recent reports,the ‘Jara’ co-presenter  is said to be the first Nigerian comedienne to bag PhD. (Nigerian Tribune).

This buttresses the saying that,’Talent without education is like a boat on dry ground’. With this milestone achievement she serves as an inspiration to other talented artistes  to see education as a means of improving themselves holistically.

She has also delved into acting and is known as a presenter on both radio and tv this has made her carve a niche for herself.


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