Winners’ Church Bomber: Presidency releases list of Christian terrorists in Nigeria

Since the event of Sunday, February 2, 2020, attempted Church bomber at the Winners’ Church in Kaduna, Kaduna State, controversies have continued to trail the identity of the Nathaniel Samuel, the culprit.

He was caught by the Nigeria Police for attempting to bomb Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel in Kaduna State.

He admitted and confessed to the Police that he is a Christian, it has generated a lot of controversy and argument among Christians and Muslims.

While some Christians have denied him saying that he has been forced to accept being a Christian, some Muslims are of the opinion that terrorism is also common in Christianity.

But the special assistant to President Buhari on social media, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie while replying to Femi Fani Kayode’s statements on the issue has made available on her official Facebook page the list of all Christians who had been arrested in the past for engaging in the bombing of Public places.

Nathaniel Samuel is believed to be a Pastor at the Living Faith Church, who planted the bomb in a Kaduna Church “has now been Islamised by the nations topmost drug addict, Femi Fani-Kayode.

“Nathaniel is old enough to know his name. He didn’t just drop from the sky. People know him and his name.

“Let no one pretend to be shocked that a Christian and a Pastor was caught planting bombs in a church. This is not the first time.

“It is part of the grand design to keep this country divided along north and south, Christian and muslim, and the rest of the country against President Buhari& his ethnic group, the Fulanis,” she said while reacting to Fani-Kayode on Twitter.

List of Christian terrorists in Nigeria

  • Mr. John Alaku Akpavan
  • Lydia Joseph
  • Emmanuel King
  • Samson Mangai
  • Madam Ruth
  • Mr Alex Danladi
  • Jonathan Gyanet

According to her, Nathaniel Samuel is not the first Christian terrorist in Nigeria

The are:

Mr. John Alaku Akpavan, the man arrested in attempting to bomb Radio House Abuja on 5th June 2011 was a christian.

Lydia Joseph (the failed bomber of St. John Catholic Cathedral) of Bauchi State who attempted to bomb a church on September 12, 2011 was a christian.

Augustine Effiong akwa ibom indigent caught April 29th 2012 BUK

Emmanuel King arrested in an attempt to bomb the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, while camouflaged in Islamic attire on December 28, 2011 was a Christian

Igbo traders that gunned down a dozen fellow Igbo businessmen of the same non-Islamic faith inside the Christ Apostolic Church, in Adamawa State on Friday January 6, 2012 all claimed to be Christians.

Samson Mangai who was arrested in Plateau state attempting to bomb a church was a christian.

Madam Ruth, who attempted to bomb the ECWA church, Kalaring Kaltingo, in Gombe State on 12 Mar 2012 was a Christian.

Case of the arrest of eight Christians in Bauchi in an attempt to blast the COCIN church on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Case of the Christian bomber lynched while escaping after blasting the COCIN Church of Jos on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Mr Alex Danladi involved in COCIN HQ bombing was lynched by worshipers. He was a church member disguised in military


Jonathan Gyanet, police officer was arrested while attempting to bomb ERCC church in Akwanga Nasarawa state on Apri 20 2014 was also a Christian.

According to her, “In Uganda, The Lords army have been raping, killing and terrorising that region for over two decades. They claim they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are Christians.

“Until we all learn to classify criminals as evil people, instead of by religion, we are all terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook Page of Nathaniel Samuel has also confirmed that he is a Christian.


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