history of state creations in nigeria from 1967 till date

History of Plateau State and Former Governors from 1976 till date

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Plateau State is one of the 36 States that constitute the Federal Republic of Nigeria (including the FCT). The State is located in the heart of Nigeria and is the twelfth-largest state in the country.

Nicknamed “Home of Peace and Tourism” and created on the 3rd of February 1976, Plateau is filled with natural rocks, hills and waterfalls.

Date of creation: February 3, 1976


Geopolitical zone: North Central

Slogan: Home of Peace and Tourism

The capital of Plateau is Jos, and it is geographically unique in the country as a result of its boundaries of elevated hills all around.

The State derives its name from the Jos Plateau and is close to other States like Bauchi (to the northeast), Kaduna State (to the north-west), Nasarawa State (to the south-west) and Taraba State (to the south-east).

The current Governor of Plateau State is Simon Bako Lalong of the All Progressives Congress, alongside his Deputy Sonni Gwanle Tyoden.

The State has a population of around 3.5 million people and has an area of 26,899 square kilometres.


The state has been adjusted to its current borders on numerous occasions. Colonial manipulation was from an interest to safeguard the railway construction and to ensure safe passage of mined tin to the coast.

Much of the State was part of Bauchi Province when the European colonists came to dominate Nigeria in the early 20th century.

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Plateau Province (Jos and Pankshin Divisions) was drawn out of Bauchi in 1926. The border changed on various occasions as the government tried to prevent having to split ethnic groups.

After the civil war, Benue-Plateau State was among the states that were divided due to pressures pulled on the Federal Government. In 1976, Plateau State was created from Benue-Plateau covering the area of the original Plateau Province.

During Sani Abacha’s regime In 1996, the State was further subdivided to create Nasarawa State.


Just as it is in other states in Nigeria, Plateau State also has a State Cabinet, the House of Assembly and Local Government Areas.

There is a Governor (chief executive) who is in charge of the affairs of the government, assisted by a Deputy as well as Commissioners. The current governor of Plateau is Simon Bako Lalong.

The House of Assembly is made up of 25 members and 11 special advisers and each Local Government Areas is headed by a chairman.

The State has 17 LGAs consisting of ethnic groups who usually share common. The people elect those to lead them in their Local Government areas are from several contestants.

Local Government Areas in Plateau State

Currently, Plateau State is made up of 17 LGAs, and they are:

  • Barkin Ladi
  • Bassa
  • Bokkos
  • Jos East
  • Jos North
  • Jos South
  • Kanam
  • Kanke
  • Langtang North
  • Langtang South
  • Mangu
  • Mikang
  • Pankshin
  • Qua’an Pan
  • Riyom
  • Shendam
  • Wase


Plateau State is home to numerous ethno-linguistic groups. Some of the indigenous tribes Plateau are the:

  • Berom
  • Afizere
  • Amo
  • Anaguta
  • Aten
  • Bogghom
  • Buji
  • Jipal
  • Chip
  • Irchip, and so on.

These ethnic groups are majorly farmers and they have similar cultural and traditional ways of life.

Even though English is the official language being spoken in the State (just like in other parts of the country), each group has its own distinct language

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Additionally, there are a lot of people from other ethnic groups who have been settling in Plateau, especially the Igbos and Yorubas.

Notable People From Plateau State

Here are some notable people who hails from the State:

  • Jeremiah Gyang
  • Jeremiah Timbut Useni
  • Jesse Abaga (Jesse Jagz)
  • John Nanzip Shagaya
  • John Obi Mikel
  • Jonah David Jang
  • Joseph Gomwalk
  • Joshua Dariye
  • Lukman Haruna
  • M.I Abaga
  • Panam Percy Paul
  • Panshak Zamani (Ice Prince)
  • Paul Obiefule
  • P-Square
  • Ruby Gyang
  • Solomon Dalung
  • Solomon Lar
  • Victor Moses
  • Yakubu Gowon

Past Governors of Plateau State from 1976 till date

Here are past governors of the State (both military and civilian):

  • Joseph Gomwalk: He was the first military governor of the State (1966to 1975)
  • Dan Suleiman: A military governor, he succeeded Gomwalk (March 1976to July 1978)
  • Joshua Anaja: The next military . Governor of the State was Joshua Anaja (July 1978to October 1979)
  • Solomon Lar: Solomon is the first civilian Governor of Plateau State (October 1979to December 1983)
  • Samuel Atukum: Military rule returned, and Atukum became the next military Governor of Plateau State (January 1984to August 1985)
  • Chris Alli: He succeeded Atukum from August 1985to 1986
  • Lawrence Onoja: The next military governor of the State (1986to July 1988)
  • Aliyu Kama: Aliyu succeeded Lawrence as the next military governor (July 1988to August 1990)
  • Joshua Madaki: Joshua became the next military governor of the State (August 1990to January 1992)
  • Fidelis Tapgun: Fidelis was the second civilian governor of Plateau State ( January 1992 to November 1993)
  • Mohammed Mana: The military came into power again, and Mana became the State’s military governor (9 December 1993to 22 August 1996)
  • Habibu Idris Shuaibu: He succeeded Mana (22 August 1996to August 1998)
  • Musa Shehu: The next military governor of Plateau (August 1998to May 1999)
  • Joshua Dariye: Joshua was the third civilian Governor of the State (29 May 1999 to 18 May 2004)
  • Chris Alli: He was an Interim Administrator of the State (18 May 2004to 18 November 2004)
  • Joshua Dariye:  He won the governorship election again and came back into power on the 18th of November 2004. Left on the 13th of November 2006.
  • Michael Botmang: A civilian Governor(13 November 2006to 27 April 2007)
  • Joshua Dariye: He ruled again as a civilian governor (27 April 2007 to 29 May 2007)
  • Jonah David Jang: He succeeded Joshua (29 May 2007 to 29 May 2015)
  • Simon Bako Lalong: He is the current governor of the State.
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