Story of Money Miracle Prophet Andrew Seer 1 of Christ Freedom Church: Age, Net worth, Date of Birth

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In the last three years, those who have been following rich and controversial pastors in Africa will definitely know that Prophet Andrew Seer 1 of Christ Freedom Church is one of the African Prophets that turns the table upside when he speaks.

In this post, we’ll tell you all the things we know about Prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly called Seer 1.

In Christianity and as it’s stipulated in the Old Testament and the New Testament, a prophet is chosen and called by God.


Facts about Prophet Ejimadu aka Seer 1

  • Real name: Andrew Ejimadu
  • Age: 41
  • Date of birth: August 9, 1978
  • Seer 1 real name: Andrew Ejimadu
  • Country of origin: Nigeria
  • State of origin: Owerri, Imo State
  • Language: Igbo language · English language
  • Ministry: Christ Freedom Ministries (CFM)


Seer 1 attended Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Amauzari before proceeding the West African Advanced School of Theology, Owerri, Imo State, where he bagged Diploma in Theology in 2006.

He has also attended other theological conferences around the World

Journey into evangelism:

He founded Christ Freedom Ministries Int’l (CFM) a few years after his graduation and moved to Zambia, a country predominately dominated by Christians.

Prophet Andrew Seer 1 favourite quotes:

Prophet Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1 has two favourites quotes which underline his doggedness in the World of evangelism.

No 1 quote: “Those who look around are always around. those who look ahead are always ahead.”

Quote 2: “I am a bird, you can stop me from making a nest on your head, but you can’t stop me from flying.”

Prophet Andrew Seer 1 Controversies:

He is surrounded by several controversies, which made him more popular than the real evangelism, some of them include:

  • Miracle money
  • Deportation from Zambia
  • Claim that Seer 1 miracle water healed HIV/AIDS
  • An accusation of using black power
  • Rape allegation
  • Seer 1 orders congregation to lick his shoes
  • A statement that church members do not need prayer
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Miracle money

On November 24, 2019, Seer 1 was arrested in South Africa in Polokwane, Limpopo following his claim that he would perform free miracle money.

And in one of his posts on Facebook, he said, “I did it for 1000 people the other time, today 1000 people, MIRACLE MONEY will enter your hands. Watch this video, Type Enter and share this post.”

On the post hundreds of his admirers jumped on it to type “Amen” claiming to receive the miracle money from Seer 1.

Deportation from Zambia

In April 2019 when Seer 1 was deported from Zambia, his congregants were reportedly wailing and praying vehemently for the return of their pastor back to Zambian soil, Global Press Journal reported.

Recalled that on April 13, the Zambia Department of Immigration deported Ejimadu back to Nigeria, on grounds that his presence and conduct in the country was likely to be a danger to peace and good order.

An accusation of using black power

In March 20, 2017, reported one of the members of his church, a female alleged that Seer 1 used black magic to perform miracle.

Caroline Nyambe further stated she might die any time for making the confession, that’s one of the controversies of Seer 1.

Claim that Seer 1 miracle water healed HIV/AIDS

Prophet Andrew Ejimadu a.k.a Seer 1 infomediang

In July 2017, one of his church members claimed that the miracle water he got from Seer 1 healed him from HIV/AIDS.

Putting expiry date on miracle water

In another academic report by MDPI, Seer 1 was accused of putting expiry date on miracle water so that his church members would buy more miracle.

Nigerian prophet, Andrew Ejimadu (known as Seer 1) was deported for putting expiry dates on holy water,

Gave N1 million to a hotel cleaner

In another news, in 2017 Prophet Andrew Ejimadu reportedly “dashed” a cleaner at a hotel cleaner a whopping sum of N1M

He made the generous giveaway, a few days he was deported from Zambia. He has also claimed that he could pray money into people’s bank accounts.

A statement that church members do not need prayer

Seer 1 tell church members not to pray

In another report in 2017, it was reported that the controversial prophet Seer 1 said that his church members should dress well if they want victory over their enemies and reduce their hours of prayers if if they want victory over their enemies, reported.

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Made church members lick his shoes:

Seer 1 miracle water healed HIV AIDS

Two years ago he caused another stir in Christendom by ordering church members to lick his shoes for them to get deliverance.

“I have blessed your legs. I have washed your feet. First thing tomorrow morning, if you type Amen and share this post, someone will call you and your feet will carry you there to pick a special gift. Many people will miss this. Try it.”

Rape allegation against Seer 1:

In July 2016, he was in the news. He alongside his younger brother, Cleopas Ejimadu, were arrested by the Zambian police for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl who had gone to their residence in the lbex Hill area in Lusaka, for spiritual counseling.

Seer 1 vomits money

During one of his miracle hours, he vomited monies to the admiration of his church members. Some of his critics say he’s a magician.

Prophet Seer 1 net worth

His net worth is unknown at the time this compiling this report, however, when he temporarily moved in to South Africa after his deportation by Zambian authorities, he was sighted in South Africa with a Brand New Rolls Royce Phantom worth about $600,000.

At the time he was quoted as saying, “I am happy that I have been received well in South Africa , I feel very much at home here and I am ready to spread the world of God , it is going to be a great time here and I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with many.”

A Brand New Rolls Royce Phantom is N217,500,000 in Nigerian currency.

Definitely, Seer 1 is worth several millions of Naira, his properties have not been quantified at this moment.

Prophet Seer 1 arrested for money miracle in South Africa​

One of Africa’s most controversial prophets and self-styled man of God Prophet Seer 1 has been arrested by the South African Police.

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Prophet Seer 1 arrested in for money miracle in South Africa​ infomediang
Photo credit:

Prophet Andrew aka Seer 1 was reportedly arrested on Sunday in Polokwane, Limpopo following a service where he promised to give free miracle money, reported

He’s likely to be charged for fraud and trickery. It wasn’t the first time he would be presiding over a questionable miracle in South Africa and other African countries.

In 2018, he lured hundreds of South African churchgoers to his congregation when he reportedly vomited monies during miracle hour while members of his church were left scrambling to pick monies which were coming out from his mouth.

Andrew Ejimadu Prophet Seer 1

It was gathered that Prophet Seer1 told the congregation that he carried several millions of currency inside his tummy and immediately started vomiting monies of different currencies while the congregants scrambled to pick up the notes.

Maravi Post reported that Prophet See 1 claimed on his Instagram page @Officialseer1 and his Facebook page @Prophet Anointed CFM, that one of the young men that picked up one of the Notes he vomited played Lotto the following day after picking up the money and won 13.000.000 million rands.

His action was condemned by many and called for his arrest for money laundering​.

It isn’t the first time the controversial pastor would be arrested. Seer 1 had been arrested for allegedly defiling a minor in the past.

In 2017, he was also arrested for being in possession of illicit psychotropic substances, Lusaka Voice reported.

As it’s generally believed in Christendom that God jealously guards his own prophets and rebukes anyone that wishes to oppress or harass them.

Psalm 105:14 says, “Touch not the anointed He allowed no one to oppress them; for their sake he rebuked kings”

The Lord also warns in Mathew 7:15: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

Is Prophet Andrew a true man of God or a magician?

We’ll keep updating this post. You are also free to share with us what you know about Prophet Andrew Ejimadu a.k.a Seer 1.

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