Arthur Eze Net Worth And Biography

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Prince Arthur Eze is a Nigerian oil magnate and politician, and he is one of the richest people in the country.

He was born with a silver spoon, since he is from a royal family; and he established Atlas-Oranto Petroleum back in 1991.

Full Name: Prince Arthur Eze

Occupation: Businessman and Politician

Prince Arthur Eze And His Wealth

One of the most lucrative sectors in the country is the oil sector, and Arthur is a player in the industry. His oil firm has grown into one of the largest exploration and production groups in the country, and it keeps fetching him a lot of money.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised, as a handful amongst those occupying the list of the richest persons in Nigeria are players in this industry. We should mention the likes of Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola, Folorunsho Alakija, and so on and so forth (even Dangote is investing hugely to make a refinery)

Getting back to Arthur, considering how he lives and all, he is obviously a rich man. While various sources have guessed what he is worth, Eze himself is yet to publicly declare his assets.

But considering how he splashes money here and there (like giving out close to $100 million to the PDP during the elections a few years back), it means he should be regarded as a billionaire.

We should also add here that he has once donated $12 million to help build the Anglican Church Youth Development Centre, and has given another $6.3 million to aid in the flood relief. That shows how wealthy he has grown to become.

Additionally, not too long ago, Eze lost the lawsuit to a British couple for pulling out of a house deal and had to pay them £1 million in damages.

How Did Prince Arthur Eze Get So Rich?


Obviously, his exploits in the oil industry is fetching him a lot of money and his firm is still profitable. He was also able to earn more money via the various government contracts, one of which involved building the Anambra State Broadcasting Service and Television Studio.

Prince Arthur Eze Private Jet

When people are wealthy, they tend to spend the money on luxurious things that can help bring comfort to them.

Eze is not an exception, as he has two private jets to himself which he uses for travelling. Of course, not everyone can boast of having a private jet, not to talk of two.

The first jet Arthur bought is the 1991 Gulfstream GIV with the number 5N-PZE, and it can fit two people in the cockpit and up to 19 persons in the cabin. So therefore, it is not wrong to say the plane is a small private twinjet aircraft that is less than 27 metres in length.

The acquisition of the Gulfstream, back in 2013 went viral, that it was even the first plane to arrive from an international flight at the renovated Akanu Ibiam International Airport there in Enugu State (he arrived the country from Senegal then)

Some years later (precisely in 2015), Arthur bought another jet for himself. This plane is actually a Dassault Falcon 7x that is a little bit smaller than the previous one.

It reaches just over 23 metres in length and can contain like 16 passengers, and two pilots with a crewmember. Nevertheless, the jet’s compact size gives it the chance to reach an even greater speed of 956 kilometres per hour.

Although it isn’t certain how much he purchased those planes when he did, the thing is, as at now, one can get one 1991 Gulfstream for something close to $3.5 million, and one Falcon 7x should be about $22 million.

We should also add it here that there have been certain speculations that Prince Arthur also bought a $25-million Bombardier at some point. Nonetheless, this haven’t been confirmed, and in fact, there have been no confirmed evidence.

However, this man has some very expensive cars. He has a collection of Rolls Royce vehicles which costs a lot of money.

Therefore, it is obvious that Prince Arthur Eze is a very rich man – although the popular Forbes is yet to recognize him. But then, many of us are aware that there are a lot of very wealthy Nigerians (especially politicians) who aren’t in Forbes list due to various reasons.

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