Benefits of Getbarter Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for Online Payment

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Ope Quadri

You can now get FREE Barter Virtual Credit Card to make online payment to shop, buy iTunes, make purchases on AliExpress in Nigeria without limit

If your host is a foreign-based company like goddady, namecheap etc you’re now at liberty to seamlessly make international online payment with barter virtual card without having to face the restrictions of Nigeria’s apex bank.

Get barter is still as its BETA STAGE, so making payment using this virtual card is still FREE.

No spending limit as it is on others.

You can also create multiple card to make payments.

As at last check, you can’t receive payment with it, but it allows you to pay virtually for every international goods you buy on-line, you can use it on AliExpress. As at April 25,2017, barter exchange rate is #390 to $1. Isn’t that fair?

It can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and USD.

HOW TO CREATE and fund your BARTER VIRTUAL CARD wallet to make international payment. 

1) Go to and sign up. You can as well use any of the two social media below-facebook, or Google-to sign up

2) Confirmation code will be sent to your email or phone via sms

3) Activate your account with the code sent to your mail or sms

4) It will take you to your wallet, choose “NGN” and fund your wallet with any of the available options. If it doesn’t take you to wallet option, click on home . From the option  click on wallet.

5) Fund your account with any of the available sources.

Available sources are:

  • VISA,
  • MasterCard,
  • Verve, and
  • Bank Accounts (that is you can fund your wallet via your bank account right away) I did this with GTB MasterCard.

6) Enter the amount

7) Click on fund my wallet

8) Allow for some seconds for the next page to load

9) Enter your card details (MasterCard etc) . Note that you can also use cards from your Google Account

Once your account is funded, click on “+virtual card” as seen on your dashboard

You can name your card.

14 reasons why you should use getbarter virtual card for international payment online 

1) It makes it easy for developers to pay for hosting on namecheap, goddady etc

2) Barter makes it easy for individuals to pay for subscriptions like music, movies etc

3) It can be used to pay school fees, particularly those who study online or who runs online programs

4) It is secured with PCIDSS

5) It enables you to manage your card if you created multiple cards.

6) It can be used for on-line shopping on aliexpres and others.

7) It can be used to track upcoming expenses

8) Barter can be used to manage your team spending all in one place

9) When your card is created, it can be given to friends, and business partners.

10) It makes it easy for finance to track team spending

11) It makes reporting very easy

12) You can use it to pay for trips

13) It makes it easy for start-ups to pay for cloud storage

14) Barter has no spending limit: fund your Barter Virtual Card and start spending online


Have you tried it? Let us know if you’re having problem signing up. Above all, the customers is amazing!

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