South African Wife Beat Up Husband for Cheating on Her (WATCH VIDEO)

A South African wife has reportedly beaten up husband for cheating on her. The woman was said to have caught her husband and his girlfriend and beat him up on live TV programme Uyajola in the former Apartheid country notorious for violence.

The video has sparked social media debate over gender-based violence in the country. South African men are known for violence against their wives, but the reverse is the case in the latest video.

It was gathered that the woman waited for her husband to come home after he promised to take her and the kids on a picnic.

Some viewers took to social media to say that abuse of any kind should never be promoted.

“Wow. So these bouncers on Uyajola would just watch women physically abuse the guy but would pounce at a man should he even push a woman. The presenter even has the nerve to say you have hit him enough let’s talk. Am I the only one who sees everything wrong in this? Abuse is abuse,” Somizi wrote.

However, she was told by Uyajola crew that the reason she was waiting so long was that her man was allegedly having a picnic with his side chick.

The woman who couldn’t contain her anger when she learned that her husband was actually having “good moment” with another girl pounced on both of them.

Confused and furious that she was being dragged into the mess, the “side chick” joined the wife and beat up the man.

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The show’s bodyguards did nothing to protect him from the beating by the two women, angering TV personality Somizi.


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