6 NIN Enrolment Branch Offices in Spain

Spain has only six enrolment centres for the Nigeria’s National Identification Number (NIN)


Biosec Solutions Limited office,

Avenida Cerro Prieto, 12, 28931,

Móstoles, Madrid

Telephone: +34632409610

Knowledge Square Nigeria office,

Calle Santiago Bernabéu, 4, 5-1 Madrid

Telephone: +34 6325 05887



Biosec Solutions Limited office,

Calle Barriomar 36, 30010 Murcia

Telephone: +34632409610


Knowledge Square Nigeria office,

Carretera Beniajan, 20 Ciudad Del Transporte 2,

30011, Murcia, Nave

Telephone: +34 6325 05887



Biosec Solutions Limited office,

Plaza de Juan XXIII Local 15, 41006, Sevilla, Andalucia

Telephone: +34632712244



Dannon Investment and Management Consultancy Limited office,

Carrer de Sant Josep de Pignatelli,

6, P03 46025, Valencia City, Valencia

Telephone: +34631340889



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