Crypto Traders Big Cheds, Big Chonis Speak On Bitcoin Hitting $12K

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 03:38 pm

The question on the lips on cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts is, “Will bitcoin hit $12,000?” in the incoming days as it continues to battle to break the $12k barrier since its July price surge.

Recall that BTC his past $11K and then pushed over $12K, having been stuck in $8,000 for several months.

Thought the $12K recent mark seemed to have triggered a massive sell-off and the price crashed back down around $11k almost immediately.

At the time of this report, bitcoin was trading at $ 11,591.82 on You can use InfomediaNG Bitcoin Calculator to monitor the exchange rate anytime.

While all eyes are on $12K again, CNBC crypto trader Big Cheds and Big Chonis use their technical analysis to unravel the next moves for Bitcoin and altcoins.


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