Adsense Automatic Payment Pending RESOLVED (Nov. 2018)

Tech giant Google has finally resolved the automatic payment pending wire transfer to bank account which has been on since November 21, 2018. It created anxiety among publishers around the World.

Usually, Google sends payments to her publishers world wide every 21st of every month, but the tech giant seemed to encounter some technical glitch this month.

Payment email confirmed by publishers around the world on November 27

At exactly 11AM (Nigerian Time) some publishers in Nigeria have confirmed the receipt of payment.


From the forum the situation is the same as webmasters from France, U.K, Tanzania, Ghana, Germany, and others said they’ve received email.

Some yet to be paid November 28

On November 28, some publishers from Poland, Peru, South Africa, Morocco complained that they are yet to be paid.

Views of webmasters on forum?

On the Adsense forum, some publishers opined that Google was on top of the situation where World best engineers swung into action to get the payment pending resolved.

The topic, “Adsense Payment pending” generated thousands of topics on the forum with complaint from different part of the word.

But some publishers received payment November 21

That’s right. In Nigeria here some publishers confirmed payment on the 21st, Google Adsense pay day, while majority of others didn’t receive email.

That particularly made it to be a a technical problem. Though some people claimed 21st fell on on a public holiday in the United States. But that wasn’t enough reason if others could be paid.

Thousands of them became anxious.

How many countries were affected by the delay?

Some Nigerian publishers were affected, but it affected publishers across the world.

On the forum, publishers from France, Philippine, Bosnia, South Africa, and many more countries complained of the same problem.

On reddit, American social discussion website, the payment delay dominated a thread which has thousands of contributors around the world.

The problem has been fixed as feedbacks can be seen on major platforms where the issue dominated discussions.

Google Issues official statement

On the Adsense Help Centre it issued a statement on November 26 that it’s working on the delay titled:

“Adsense Known issues”

“Some November payments still pending

Some of you might have noticed that your November payment is still marked as “pending”. Rest assured we are working hard to complete your payment as quickly as possible.

No additional action is required on your part, and there’s no need to contact us about your November payment. As soon as the issue is fixed, you’ll see the status of your November payment updated.

Thank you very much for your understanding.”

Who were affected?

The following Google partners were affected:

  • Publishers (webmaster)
  • Admob
  • YouTubers

Final thought

Have you received payment from your country? If you haven’t be rest assured that Google Adsense payment will be issued as information from the forum and help centre confirmed that Google is fixing the problem and definitely you’d be paid if you’ve reached the payment threshold.


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