How To Get Travel Insurance Cover In Nigeria

Journeying through the universe is an exciting adventure full of varieties, exploring new opportunities, acquainting yourself with various cultures, tasty new cuisine, learning new cultures and traditions with enthusiasm.

In all these the inevitable should be expected, it could be accidental, a virus, lost luggage. With a travel insurance policy a minimum damage is incurred.

Why travel insurance cover?

A travel insurance policy is a required document when traveling to another country for any reason. It could be medical tourism, business, holiday or educational pursuit.

The travel insurance policy cover luggage loss, medical care, accident, trip cancellation expenses and repatriation.

It is compulsory to have an insurance policy when traveling abroad especially Spain, Austria, Finland and other countries.

Do you need an insurance policy within the country?

Domestic traveling have reduced risk involved compared to international traveling.

It is safer to have an insurance policy for domestic traveling in case of an inevitable. There are different insurance companies in Nigeria that are cost-effective.

Are injuries in sport like skiing or surfing covered?

Insurance policy covers all leisure sporting activities, however, when signing up a policy be sure to include lots of clauses. This does not include sporting completions or any dangerous one.

Pregnant and Vulnerable Travelers Insurance Policy

An expectant woman traveling has a policy cover till the first day of 26th week of pregnancy. This doesn’t include birth during the trip at hand.

The premium for the aged – 70 years upwards, is usually higher. The coverage does not include pre- existing ailments, cerebrovascular disease and cardiovascular.

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A Credit Card With Travel Insurance Cover

When tickets are purchased using a credit card, some banks have essential insurance policy cover. You will just need to add to the policy premium that comes with the credit card. The difference in payment can be added to existing one on the card.

Want An Insurance For Your Next Trip?

Let’s get started…..

Your destination determines the type of policy you require as different countries have specific insurance companies and type of coverage with the policy.

It is important to note that travel insurance get the necessary assistance abroad, protects against exorbitant medical cost, it covers emergency disruption caused by weather, unrest etc.

Benefits of travel insurance cover

You get paid for loses and helps with personal liability coverage. A good travel insurance policy covers the following:

  • Medical cost when admitted in the hospital
  • Medical check-up in case of emergency
  • Lost checked in luggage
  • Personal items can be sent to your location
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Consider the following reasons when signing up an insurance policy

The duration of your traveling – world travel insurance, multiple or single trips.

Ensure the policy covers loss, medical services and theft, sporting activities are limited, ask for specifics based on your actual sport type.

The policy coverage should include ambulance services, medical consultations, emergency return flight.

The mode of remittance should be defined. Payment to the health care service providers directly or your account. Every document must be kept safely, without those you loose the claims when due.

Travel insurance providers in Nigeria

  • IGI
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The medical insurance of AIICO INSURANCE is acceptable by all Embassies and available for sign up online. The insurance policy cover is worth € 30,000 for repatriation on medical grounds, medical services and evacuation expenses.


The travel insurance policy covers bodily injury as a result of accident. It only covers journeys outside Nigeria being a passenger of a standard flight.


This company provides one of the best low cost travel insurance in Nigeria. This insurance policy covers temporary journeys abroad, these are student plan, pilgrimage protection and general travel protection plans. The coverage extends to medical services, accident and repatriation.


This company’s insurance policy is for world wide traveling, multiple and annual. The coverage policy premium is € 30,000 for Schengen, the world wide traveling premium is unlimited.

This policy is for hazardous sports, employment, medical services, high risk and war zones, children under two years of age have free cover.


Want travel insurance from Nigeria to Europe? IGI gets you covered because of its comprehensive, affordable and reliable policy for Nigerians traveling abroad. It covers missing passport, luggage loss, delayed and companion cover.


Leadway travel insurance are in two category, for world wide traveling and Schengen Countries with specified covers for the aged – 85 years upwards. The policy covers accident, loss of cash, missed flight, delayed departure, cancelled trip.


Mutual Benefits Assurance policy cover is in conjunction with an international company CORONIS UK. Provides policy for traveling abroad, emergency medical services, accidental death benefits, financial protection, with minimum benefits of € 30,000


Ensure travel insurance covers Europe and other parts of the world. With three types of policy you can choose the one that suits your journey type – Classic, Essential and Extra policy.

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Children under the age of 18 have free cover but must undergo stipulated medical checkup. Emergency medical services for up to £ 20 million per individual, legal expenditures maximum of £ 50,000, luggage cover maximum £ 50,000 per individual, cancelled journey cover is £ 7,500 per individual.

All these covers policy for single or annual trip and when the policy is signed online you will have 20% discount.

Wrapping up:

Travel insurance for Nigerian residents who are planning trips to USA, UK and Europe is one of the traveling safest measures you can take in your next journey overseas.

These policies should be studied properly before you sign up. It would be better to seek the services of insurance broker to help you prepare all the requirements with ease. Insurance broker would help you get your claims should the need arises.

When you use their services be rest assured your documents will be safe guarded.

Most importantly, you must read the terms and conditions of the contract and every detail of insurance policy. As they said, “ ignorance is never an excuse”.

There are other insurance policy covers that can serve you in double ways.



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