Past Minister of Information in Nigeria from 1957 Till Date

8 Agencies of Ministry of Information in Nigeria and Their Core Mandates

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Who is the Minister of Information?

Alh. Muhammed Idris is the incumbent Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation. The new minister is the founder of Blueprint Newspaper and WE 106.5 FM, Abuja.

Renaming of the Ministry of Information

Until President Bola Tinubu came up with some new ministries and remodified the existing ones, the Information Ministry was known as the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture.

The “culture” aspect is now under a new ministry, which is now known as the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy (FMACCE).


The creation of FMACCE out of the Ministry of Information means some agencies went with FMACCE. So, from almost 20 agencies, the Ministry of Information and National Orientation now has eight agencies.

Understanding the Federal Ministry of Information

The Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation in Nigeria is the main tool used by the Federal Government to connect with Nigerians and the rest of the world through the timely passage of information.

Irrespective of what the action of the government is, the ministry which is headed by a political appointee of the president, defends the action of the government.

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Sometimes, the Minister of Information uses propaganda even when the know the truth. They are the image-makers of the government and do all they can to polish the integrity of the ruling government.

Apart from this, the Ministry of Information also shares government information with Nigerians.

The responsibilities of the Information Ministry

Six key roles of the ministry are:

1) To build a positive image of Nigeria and the president.

2) It supervises and coordinates the media industry to ensure that the information sent out doesn’t threaten national security.

3) It enlightens the Nigerian’s civic education

4) To promote the cultural values of all Nigerians.

5) Enlightens the general public about ideal of good behaviour and the need to avoid social vices.

6) Promoting the richness of Nigeria’s culture to the outside world by promoting tourism locations in Nigeria.


Apart from departments that help in the internal working of the ministry, 18 agencies help the ministry to carry out its functions:

Information AgenciesYears of Establishment
Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)1977
Nigerian Press Council (NPC)1992
Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)1988
National Orientation Agency (NOA)1993
Voice of Nigeria (VON)1961
National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)1992
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)May 10, 1976
Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN)1956

Roles of Parastatals of Nigeria’s Ministry of Information

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)

To provide independent and impartial television broadcasting for the interest of Nigeria

Nigerian Press Council (NPC)

To ensure the maintenance of high professional standards for the Nigerian Press.

Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)

To control and regulate advertising practice in Nigeria

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National Orientation Agency (NOA)

To keep Nigeria abreast with the activities of the Federal Government

Voice of Nigeria (VON)

Formerly known as Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), VON is to serve as the voice of Nigeria to the rest of the world.

National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

To receive, process and consider applications for the establishment and ownership of broadcasting stations (radio and TV) in Nigeria

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

To present news material of public and national interest for Nigeria’s consumption and the rest of the world.

Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN)

Popularly called Radio Nigeria, FRCN is to uplift the people and unite the nation

Contact details:

  • Official website:
  • Facebook: @FMICNigeria
  • Twitter: @fminonigeria
  • Flickr: @fed_info_nigeria_photos
  • YouTube: @FMINigeria
  • Instagram: @fmic_nigeria
  • Headquarters: Federal Secretariat Complex,
    Phase II, Block A, First Floor,
    PMB 473, Sheh Shagari Way, Abuja


Most times, the minister of information deliberately twists indisputable facts in the interest of the sitting president. Not only that, some of its agencies are not only dormant but a financial burden on Nigeria.

For instance, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has remained a bench warmer since 2015, failing in its enlightenment and social consciousness roles.

Some of the local government offices of NOA exist on papers. What about the Artistes Village of the National Troupe of Nigeria?

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture needs to do more than play the role of a bulldog of the president.

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