How To withdraw From Aku Wallet To Your Bank in Nigeria

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 02:26 pm


In this guide, we’ll show you how to withdraw from Aku wallet directly to your bank account hassle-free.

Aku wallet transfer code: How to withdraw money from my AKu Wallet

  • Step 1: Simply send AKU To 7447
  • Step 2: A message appears on your phone
  • Step 3: Enter “1” and accept
  • If you are registered with tradermoni, you will get a message on what to do next. But if you’re not registered you get something like, “Your number is not registered for TraderMoni. Please look for a TraderMon agent near or in your market to register.
  • You’ll be given an ID

Follow the instructions

Yes, you can wire your tradermoni loan from Aku Wallet to your bank by dialling a USSD code. Aku Wallet is another mobile wallet designed for people to cash out their 10, 000 Naira collateral-free loan.


While Mobile Forms and GDM operate in some states, agents of aku mobile wallet are found in some states where they are commissioned to register petty traders.

In states like Osun, Ondo, Oyo, Lagos, Ogun, agents of Mobile Forms and GDM were on the street to collect and collate data of petty traders before their eyowo accounts are credited.

At the time of compiling this report, research is still ongoing to know the company behind tradermoni Aku Wallet, but we are very sure one of the major mobile wallet operators in Nigeria is behind the new technology. Top on our list is

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Is Aku Wallet Tradermoni in your state?

If tradermoni Aku wallet is what you have in your state to get tradermoni loan of 10K, do the following if you have been registered.

We’ve have received complaints from beneficiaries that they receive alert that their AKU wallet has been credited but don’t know how to withdraw it

Note: The SMS cost N10. When you send it your code will be sent to you immediately on how to withdraw your money.

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117 thoughts on “How To withdraw From Aku Wallet To Your Bank in Nigeria”

  1. Yakubu Muhammad ladan

    I am from Bauchi state want to become agent for our area we don’t have any agent close to us 08033570818 is my number pls

    1. This my phone number 08101874054 I want to become aku agent for plateau state under Jos North please help me

  2. Abubakar sabitu

    My name is Abubakar sabitu I need u urgent help I used this number 017006123 to transfer but up to now I don’t received alert an there is no money in the wallet. Beneficiaries are thinking I used their money pls I need ur positive responds. Thank u for ur usually assistance

  3. Please JIGAWA here in RINGIM we have registered since OCTOBER 2018 ,yet no payment …when are you paying us…..

  4. I did trader moni in Lagos in September. On October 12 I received a message that my #10,0000 trader mini is ready. I was asked to call 017006123 if I want transfer the money to my account.
    I called the above number. I followed the voice prompt. Later I received a message that the 10,000 has been transferred to my account. But uptill today I have not received it. 08037426946

  5. Please my name is Tijani from Niger State, I want to be Aku agent my phone number is 07037728094 because we don’t have an agent in my locality

  6. I received a message from Aku that my trader moni request is ready, which I did my registration in kebbi state. But am not in Kebbi state at the moment, how do I collect d money now. Pls help.

      1. Abubakar Aminu Badawi

        I am Abubakar Aminu Badawi and I like to be your agent both aku and eyowo how do I register and get my password and ID pls help me, thank u very much

  7. Ohikhuemeh Victor

    Pls Aku has not been responding to pin request with the 7447 code.
    What is happening, how do we recover the trader Moni loan?

      1. Raphael Godfrey e

        Please can I become an eyowo agent in other to assist in the disbursement of trader moni after registration right am an agent in cross river state. 09062201290 my number for calls and WhatsApp. Thanks hope to hear from u soon

    1. Abbas faruk mlf

      Please how can I transfer my AKU trader moni from my wallet to my personal account?
      Here is my number 07067704462

  8. Am Yusuf Nurudeen, no AKU agent here in honor dan marke area in Kano here I will like to be is my contact 08165407410 or 08072046950

  9. Good day Am Sadiq Shola
    I want to be an AKU agent we are lacking one here at Kumbotso, Naibawa Kano State 08166006805

  10. Suleiman Abubakar

    Suleiman Abubakar m SuleimanAbubakar from Niger state, I want to become an Agent of AKU TraderMoni because we d on’t have it here. Here is my number (07033165463,,08056408088)thank you

  11. Good day, please is there a transfer code for Aku? The number 017006123 doesn’t work on Glo.
    Or if possible i will love to get intouch with an agent to help me, i am currently in Abuja.

  12. I transferred cash from my Aku wallet to my bank on 26th December with the Pin Sent to me. But to my surprise I didn’t get a that the transaction was successful but my Aku wallet has been empty and I got no credit alert in my bank account .
    Pls how do I resolve this Issue?

  13. Please how do I recover a lost trader Moni Aku Pin.
    The pin was sent but the phone got spoilt and I could not retrieve the Code anymore.
    When I Dial the 017006123 to transfers to my bank, it request for the pin which I have lost, kindly help out. 08167651164

    1. It’s simple, just send “Aku” to 7447 with the registered line. It costs only N10. They will reply you with the pin.

  14. Hello I am from zamfara state I transfer moni aku wallet to my account but yet to receive any alert and there is no money in my wallet

  15. Aduragbemi Samuel A

    My name is Aduragbemi, trying to cash out from Aku to my bank account infact all possible contacting customer care on 017006123 is no avail, my phone number is 08171877104. please i do love to be reach- 08171877104 or the money to be paid to my bank account-Uba-2081297098-Adurabemi Ajose.
    Thanks @Aku Diewa Microfinance Bank Limited

  16. Hello Good afternoon Sir/ma I’m one of your field agent in Nigeria but i need to help me to Aku Agent Id and Password, thanks Godbless the movement

  17. Is aku tradermoni in Adamawa state they message saying that your tradermoni is ready to pick up
    Pls how do I withdrawn the moni

  18. My Name is Umar Faisal Kura from Kano state we are suffering from Aku TraderMoni because we cannot find any agent of Aku that can help us withdraw the money from our wallet pls help. These is my phone number for any enquiries 08037423877

  19. I’m From Gombe State and I want to become an AKU Wallet Agent to help my people cash out their Tradermoni without any problem please. Your consideration is highly appreciated indeed, thank you for understanding.

  20. I’m Rabiu by name and I’m from Gombe State, Please I’m really interested to became an AKU Wallet Agent for helping my people get their Tradermoni without problem. Please this is my number 07067600306.. Thanks

  21. My Account have not been credited from Aku but no money any more in my Aku wallet
    I did the necessary proceedure on how to cash my money
    Now no money in the account again n I have not been credited

    1. Alaba Omoyajowo

      Pls do u later get ur loan from Aku? If yes how do you go about it, because something just happened to me

        1. I am an Agent of Mobile forms that carried out TrederMoni project 2017-2018/ and 2019 respectively. I therefore, apply to become an Aku Wallet Agent, please.

  22. Adamu Kaila Adam

    Good morning, I’m Kaila Adamu from jigawa state, my people an alert about tradermoni but we found difficult to transfer the money to the bank account, or when we call the number dropped on their messages sent its not going. Pls we need codes on how to transfer to bank account easily. This is my contact 08032245745/08029722678
    Thank you all @ AKU

  23. Abdullahi Bello from Bauchi State.
    Please our community is very far from Urban Area and my people received their Trader moni 10k alert but is difficult do cash out.

    So if possible I need you assistant so that our people will be able to repay back in time. However, if you can a sign me to be your agent under your Aku wallet platform that will be cool and perfect.

    I am one of Mobile Form Agent who register petty Traders in my area.
    So please we are in need of your help.

  24. Hi, am from kano most of the villages that surround me received an alert from Aku and they find it difficult to transfer the money. I need a guide line on how to help them out

  25. Please am a ready cash agent, a market money enumerator and currently a monitor on all federal government social investment, including trader money that comprises AkU and Eyowo. Therefore I want become an AKU agent how do I apply?

  26. Chukwuebuka mark


    Am from abia state, I got a message from AKU saying

    You never collect your tradermoni o. If you have problems send your Name, Bank name, account and PIN to 09090888004 or 0909088803
    Please is this message really from AKU wallet??
    Urgent please!!

    Warm regards!!

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