Australian Visa Information for Nigerians – Visa Types & Requirements

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  • Australian Tourist Visa – ₦37,000
  • Australian Student Visa – ₦150,000 find out more

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by total area and is also one of the best countries to live in. In this post we’ll give all information that will help you in your Australian Visa from Nigeria

The Commonwealth of Australia is located in the continent of Australia and has a lot of superb places that will fascinate anyone from any part of the world.

Australia has a fantastic economy with a high life expectancy. The official language being spoken in the country is the Australian English.  


It isn’t difficult to get an Australian visa from Nigeria (yes, Nigerian passport holders required a visa to get to the country)

This article will guide you in taking the right steps and avoid unnecessary complications.

Types of Australian Visa

• Tourist Visa: The Processing Time is 17-31 days, and the validity is 12 months

• Visit Visa: The Processing Time is 30-49 days, and the validity is 12 months

• Student Visa : Specified by embassy

• Business Visitor: The Processing Time is 10-19 days, and the validity is up to 3 months

• Skilled Provisional Visa: The Processing Time varies, but the validity is 4 Years

• Permanent Work Visa: The Processing Time varies, but the validity is Permanent

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General Requirements for an Australian Visa

First things first. Travellers that desire getting visas to Australia must first meet the Australian character requirements. In clearer sentences, there must be proofs that you have no criminal records for at least a year.

Additionally, there are certain important documents that would be needful in order to obtain an Australian visa from Nigeria.

They include:

• An Australian visa application form.

• An International Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months after the expiry of your visa.

• A proof of the Australia visa application fee payment

• A 29mmx34mm, coloured passport with white background.

• Financial documents to show that an applicant can financially sustain themselves in Australia.

• Letter of Introduction

• Marriage certificate

• Children birth certificate (if any)

• Proof of ownership

• Family pictures

• Tax clearance

Don’t forget that it all boils down to the type of visa you seek. However, have it in mind that original documents are required for your application.

Australian Visa Types

Australian visas are in different categories, which includes the short-term visas and the work visas.

Short-Term Visas

These are types are issued for a short period of time. There validity is between three to six months and they are usually issued to visitors, tourist, individuals traveling for businesses, and those traveling through Australia.

Short-Term visas are:

Visitors Visa: With this, travellers can get to the country for visits, business purposes for up to three, six or twelve months.

Electronic Travel Authority: This visa is issued for short-term visits for tourism or business purposes. However, this is only given to passport holders from certain countries, location, or region.

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eVisitor: This is a free visa if the applicant is an eligible passport holder outside Australia, and they wish to work in the country.

Work Visas

This is majorly for persons who have a particular skill set in high demand in the country, and the Australian Government is willing to get the person to Australia.

Australian Visa Fees

• Tourist Visa – ₦37,000

• Sponsored Family – ₦37,000

• Student Visa – ₦150,000

• Business Visitor – ₦37,000

• Skilled Provisional Visa – ₦990,000

• Permanent Work Visa – ₦990,000


Where To Apply For An Australian Visa

Address and Location of Australian Visa Application Center in Nigeria


3rd Floor, El Yakub Muhktar Place, Zakariya Maimalari Street, CBD, Abuja


5th & 6th Floors Etiebets Place, 21 Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Ikeja, Lagos

Address and Location of Australian Embassy in Nigeria

Address: Embassy of Australia, Abuja. 5th Floor, Oakland Centre 48 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Telephone: (09) 461.2780, +234.9.461.2780

 Fax: (09) 461.2782, +234.9.461.2782

How and Where To Pay Your Australian Visa Fees

You can pay your visa fees in cash at the Visa application center, or at the bank through the immiAccount using Credit cards.

How To Submit an Australian Visa Application

After filling the form appropriately, you should submit it at a visa application center alongside all the supporting documents.

How Long It Takes To Process An Australian Visa

With all things being equal, it might take about 4 weeks to process your Australian visa.

bOnce the application process is done, you will get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) which you can use to track the status of your Australian visa process.

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How To Collect Your Australian Visa

If your application is successful, you will receive notifications via email. Depending on what means you earlier specified, your things could be returned via courier service.

Having issue in processing your Australian Visa in Nigeria? Share your problems with us or contact any of details above.

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