Best Rural Areas in the UK Suitable for Quiet Life and Retirement

Thinking of life after retirement? As a foreigner to United Kingdom for work or study with chances in the large municipalities. Having worked for many years the next thought in your mind is where to live till end of time with ease.

The metropolitan quality of life survey investigates the cities with facilities that suits retirement age in the United Kingdom and rates them appropriately. The survey is carried out yearly with contrast to crime rate, employment and other appraisal of general happiness to help identify the cities in United Kingdom with suitable life after work.

Best Rural Areas in the UK Suitable for Quiet Life and Retirement

  • Bampton, Oxfordshire
  • Rutland, East Midlands
  • Wychavon, West Midlands
  • Orkney Island, Scotland
  • Blackkawton, Devon
  • Alresford, Hampshire
  • Winchester, South East
  • Aberaeron, Ceredigion, Wales
  • Bledlow, Buchinghamshire
  • Blakeney, Norfolk
  • Banchory, Aberdeeshire
  • Barnard Castle, CO Durham
  • Waverly, South East
  • Aberdovy, Gwynedd, Wales
  • Bamburgh, Northumberland

These are the country side with a suitable life style after retirement in United Kingdom.

Bampton, Oxfordshire

With an earliest market town, a lively municipal, known for it’s Morris Dancing traditions celebration.

Rutland, East Midlands

This city is surrounded by Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. It is a minor county with two old-fashioned market towns, Oakham and Uppingham, known for it’s village produce and wildlife. The city has lots of fun activities to keep you happy at old age like cycling, bird watching, water sports, fishing. It’s considered the most attractive city in England.

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Wychavon, West Midlands

Located in the West Midlands region. This local government district is comprised of three towns namely Droitwich Spa, Evesham and Pershore, with almost 100 villages and Hamlets. With a population of about 116,900 which is lower than the rest of the West Midlands and England.

The life expectancy in this city is higher than the other cities in the nation, 83 years for females and 80 years for men compared to other part of United Kingdom with an average of 81 and 77 respectively. The crime rates is also lower than the other parts of United Kingdom.

Orkney Island, Scotland

This city has been declared a place with high quality of education, individual satisfaction, low employment rate at 87% and low crime rates, for two years consecutively. It is situated at the North Eastern coast of Scotland. Orkney Island is a peninsula of Scotland with symbol of dependency, spectacular broad spaces and Stone age sites.

Winchester, South East

Winchester is a city located in Hampshire, with a well known medieval basilica with 17th centenary Morley athenaeum and Norman vault. With a historian Great Hall of Winchester associated to King Arthur. John Keats an English Romantic Poet, lived for a while in Winchester which inspired him to write One to Autumn while walking through the water Meadows in the areas. People travel miles biweekly to the Farmer’s market there to make purchases which is one of the biggest in UK.

Blackkawton, Devon

A beautiful municipal surrounded by farmland. The city has amiable residents, with a pub, nice and attractive restaurants, with a nice-looking Church. It’s public facilities are managed by volunteers. Breathtaking hillsides and streets view.

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Waverly, South East

This is a local county with center status in Surrey, England. The center headoffice is in  Godalming.

It was named the most prosperous place to live in UK by Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index in 2016. It has beautiful local countryside, high-quality housing and standard school within London reach.

Blakeney, Norfolk

This is  a sea side place with easy and calm life. With hostelry, chophouse, stores and subway shop down with an aged dockyard where children trawl for crabs while the senior citizens meeting place at the coast and shore spit to smudge rare birds and plants.

Bledlow, Buchinghamshire

One of the attractive municipality in South Bucks with aged mane homes, dog affectionate alehouse and a scuttle neighborhood with crickets games and other activities, close to London.

Banchory, Aberdeeshire

This is a town in Scotland, with side attraction as skiing, climbing, two castles, a waterfall walks with the best state school. Fascinating hillsides, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing.

Barnard Castle, CO Durham

A humane market town with a historic mark, named after it’s founder in the 12th century, Bernard de Balloiol. It has lots of antiquities for shoppers delight. This ancient town offers cycling around the town to enable visitors have a closer look and enjoy sight seeing.

Aberaeron, Ceredigion, Wales

A seaside town with a Gregorian dockyard, painted in brilliant colors, quality schools, perfect for dinning, famous for it’s local honey ice cream.

Aberdovy, Gwynedd, Wales

Superior beaches, watersports, fisherman’s cottages and Snowdonia make pretty Aberdovey a cheerful place to live. Peaceful seaside municipal.

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Alresford, Hampshire

A small town with a steam railway, a historic features, known as United Kingdom’s capital of watercress, shops.

Bamburgh, Northumberland

Situated on the coast of Northumberland, attractive coastal town, famous castle.

Final thought:

There are other rural areas in the United Kingdom where you can settle to enjoy your life, most especially when you’re in search of quiet place. These UK rural areas may not be popular as other big cities, counties, but you’ll get the best quality of life there.

If there is other cool rural areas in the UK not on this list, you’re free to share with us.



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