Ever Heard About a Bicycle That Mines Bitcoin As You Pedal?

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The first time I heard about a bike that could mine Bitcoin as the rider pedal was in 2018. That was when 50cycles, a U.K.-based company unveiled a crypto mining electric bicycle.

That’s when I know that the future of sustainable Crypto mining is here. I knew that 50cycles foray into using bicycles to mine Bitcoin would spur research in future.

This article explores how cryptocurrency mining E-bike works and its advantages to the environment.



  • A bicycle that mines Bitcoin while you pedal aligns with the contemporary focus on sustainability, health, and innovative technology.
  • It leads to goal-oriented exercise.
  • Using cryptocurrency mining E-bike enables bikers to earn tokens which can be converted to the crypto of their choice.
  • The first firm to launch a crypto-mining e-bike is 50cycles
  • Unlike the traditional Bitcoin mining that consumes vast amounts of electricity, e-bike uses 100% renewable energy, thanks to human power.

What Bitcoin-Mining Bicycle Mean for Crypto Community

With the capacity of a bicycle to mine Bitcoin, it means it is now possible to turn your daily workout into a profitable venture while keeping healthy at the same time.

Bicycle That Mines Bitcoin As You Pedal

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to stay fit and earn some cryptocurrency on the side, this concept might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

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Turn Every Pedal into Profit

As you start your morning ride, not only are you burning calories, but you’re also mining Bitcoin.  This means that as you pedal, your bike converts the energy you produce into computational power, and this power, in turn, is used to mine Bitcoin. It’s the perfect marriage of health and wealth.

How Does It Work?

Your bike comes equipped with a small device that captures and converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The energy is then used to power a compact mining rig attached to the bike as it shown in the YouTube video above was first shared by Michael Tidwell on X.

Don’t forget that you’re not going to replace large-scale mining operations with a bike that mine crypto, the mere act of pedaling generates enough power to facilitate the mining of smaller amounts of cryptocurrency.

Quantity of Bitcoin You Can Mine With A Bike

The rate at which you mine Bitcoin depends on several factors including such as:

  • the speed of your pedaling,
  • the efficiency of your bike’s energy converter, and
  • the current difficulty level of mining Bitcoin.

Benefits of Crypto-Mining Bicycle

In a world where the environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining have been hotly debated, solutions like this present a greener and more sustainable approach.

Not only are you reducing the carbon footprint associated with mining, but you’re also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the advantages of using bicycle that mines Bitcoin as you pedal:

Sustainable Mining:

It is eco-friendly. Unlike the traditional Bitcoin mining that consumes vast amounts of electricity, often sourced from non-renewable energy.

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For instance, Bitcoin is estimated to consume 127 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year, more than the energy consumption of some countries such as Norway.

Using a bicycle reduces the carbon footprint associated with cryptocurrency mining.

It is renewable energy: By converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, the bicycle uses a 100% renewable energy, human power, being the source.

Promotion of Physical Fitness:

Health benefits: The idea of mining Bitcoin gives users an additional incentive to exercise. Regular cycling offers cardiovascular benefits, muscle toning, and overall improved physical health, according to Victoria State Government.

Mental Well-being: Exercise is known to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, boost mood, and enhance cognitive functions. So, cycling while you mine BTC presents these benefits.

Economic Benefits:

Additional earnings: While the amount of Bitcoin mined might be minimal, it represents an extra earning potential for something many people do anyway—cycling.

For instance, UK-based electric bicycle manufacturer 50cycles was rewarding riders with “Loyaltycoin”.

50cycles stated that its “Loyaltycoin” is redeemable in exchange for products available on the 50cycles website, or can be exchanged for leading cryptocurrencies through Loyaltycoin’s platform.

Cost efficiency: If we consider that these bicycles also replace the need for gym memberships or other exercise equipment, they offer a cost-effective way to keep fit while potentially earning.

Educational Aspect:

Understanding crypto: Using such a bicycle can serve as an introductory pathway for many into the world of cryptocurrency, demystifying the often complex realm of digital currencies.

STEM learning: For younger users in schools, this can be a hands-on approach to understanding principles of physics, energy conversion, and digital technologies.

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Technological Innovation:

Push for R&D: The demand for such bicycles can push for more research and development in sustainable energy storage and conversion methods, leading to potential breakthroughs in other applications.

For instance, since the launch of cryptocurrency mining E-bike by 50cycles, there has been research around the world to design eco-friendly means of mining crypto.

Networking: It can foster a sense of community and collaboration among users, especially if there’s an option to connect with other cyclists.

Motivation to Cycle:

It can lead to goal-oriented exercise. It can motivate bikers to set targets for the amount of cryptocurrency they wish to mine, translating to specific cycling goals.


A bicycle that mines Bitcoin as you pedal aligns with the contemporary focus on sustainable crypto mining and innovative technology.

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