10 Steps To Start Exporting Ginger From Nigeria to Foreign Buyers In USA, Netherlands, and Others

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Only a few Nigerians know that ginger from Nigeria is one of the non-oil products that contribute largely to the country’s GDP.

If that sounds technical, here is another fact: Nigerian ginger has an edge over others in the international market.

What does this tell you?

There is an untapped market waiting for you out there if only you can explore the market and start sourcing for trusted buyers and start exporting to them.

If you’re already local suppliers, you already have enough jute sacks of ginger in-store, but you don’t know how to establish direct contact with foreign buyers, we’ll show you some of the international platforms to find large-scale buyers.

Quick Facts About Nigerian Ginger

  • Nigeria has the production capacity to produce 522,000 metrics to buyers per year
  • Nigeria is the largest producer of ginger in the world
  • We’re the fourth world largest producer, according to a data by the 2016 data by the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
  • Above all, ginger from Nigeria is preferred because it’s tasteful and has incredible flavour
  • It has a high level of oleoresin oil, according to data from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

The local name of ginger in Nigeria

  • Yoruba: Atalẹ
  • Hausa: Chita

Varieties of ginger from Nigeria

  • Fresh,
  • Dried-split
  • Crushed

Why do foreign buyers prefer Chita from Nigeria?

Apart from the varieties, we give foreign buyers, the market is also backed by national quality infrastructure (NQI).

Medical Benefits Of Ginger

You may be wondering why countries like the United States spent as much as $154.1M to import ginger in 2019 while The Netherlands, which is the second-highest importer of Atalẹ (ginger) expended $143.1M in the same year, according to data by tridge.com

The reason for these huge sums isn’t far-fetched from the medical health proven of ginger They include:

1) It contains some chemical compounds, most especially fresh one, that helps to fight the growth of some bacteria in the body, according to WebMD.

2) It stimulates circulation

3) According to everydayhealth, ginger may also help to prevent stomach ulcers.

4) It may also help in reducing blood sugar, says Healthline among others

The data about ginger is huge, so how can you get started?

How To Start Ginger Export Business In Nigeria

Data is very important in every business one does, the ones aforementioned are to open your eyes to many opportunities in the business of chita

Here is how to get started:

  • Market research
  • Know the season
  • Learn about storage and packaging
  • Company registration
  • Find foreign buyers
  • Compliance with safety standards
  • Join the right association
  • Platforms to find foreign buyers
  • Online visibility
  • Export and payment

Market Research:

If you’re coming into the ginger export business a fresher, you definitely need to do your due diligence on how to first source locally and then find foreign buyers.

Ginger market in Kaduna state. Photo credit: dailytrust.com

Your market research should also cover local pricing.

For local suppliers, you can get them mostly in Nigerian states where ginger is most grown in large quantities, they include:

  • Kaduna
  • Gombe
  • Bauchi
  • Benue
  • Nasarawa

Know The Season

The season for ginger in Nigeria runs from May to October while supply goes on for upward of nine months. This should guide you on when to start contacting local suppliers.

Learn About Storage and Packaging

It’s most likely that your products spend some days or weeks in store before you find a buyer or before being exported, so you must learn how to preserve them in the most acceptable and approved international standard.

The beauty of chita is that you don’t really need preservative chemicals because it contains some substances that are capable of fighting bacterial or fungi.

The packaging is also simple. Jute sack is mostly used, dried ginger is packed in 30KG to 60KG while the powered variety is between 12kg to 25kg.

Company registration

Are you ready to kick start? We’re sure that your target is an international market that can convert it to finished products.

If you want to connect with foreign buyers and gain the trust of prospective buyers, it’s very important to register as an incorporated business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

With less than N30,000, you can this done by yourself and get your company certificate in less than two weeks (you can check out our guide).

Find Foreign Buyers

The international market is huge for Nigerian ginger and at the time of publication, the most populous African country supplies 14% share in the total global production of while almost 90% of our production is exported. To tap into this data, you need foreign buyers from top importers.

Ginger Importing countries

You can find buyers from these countries:

  • USA
  • The Netherlands
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • Bangladesh
  • Germany
  • UAE
  • United Kingdom
  • Malaysia


The trade flow of ginger of the aforementioned countries are not all from Nigeria. There are market African, Middle-Eastern and European market

 Compliance With Safety Standards

If you’re just starting off, you should first connect with all exporting companies in Nigeria. Most of them will be ready to guide you through some rules that guide export and compliance and other tips.

Join The Right Association

While many exporters succeed without joining any association in their chosen products, the benefits that come with joining the right association can not be underrated.

You can join the National Ginger Association of Nigeria to gain more insight into real market data and some of the incentives from the government that passes through the association.

Top 6 Platform To Find Foreign Buyers for Ginger

There are several ways to source for ginger buyers around the world, some of the platforms are:

  • HKDC
  • eWorld Trade
  • Trade Wheel
  • Alibaba
  • Export Hub
  • Export Genius


With 50 offices around the world, HKTDC is one the places where you can find honest ginger foreign buyers. Set up and account and start your search for ginger buyers in the Unites States, Netherlands, and Japan


Target the top buyers or narrow your search to a specific country at a go, this way, you would be able to get a great result

eWorld Trade

Repeat the same process as outline in HKDC, register as a supplier, and start searching for buyers.

Trade Wheel

One thing I loved about tradewheel.com is the fact that it is based in USA, a country that’s one of the largest importers of ginger.

With its efficient and intelligent tools, you should be able to explore the platform to become a major supplier of Nigerian ginger to the USA market.


Personally, I have got more than five orders from Alibaba, one of the largest B2B marketplace.

In case you don’t know, the products you find on Alibaba are uploaded and sold by millions of sellers spread across the world.

Is it time you set up a seller account on Alibaba and start selling to buyers in Canada, USA, and other foreign buyers?

To do this, head straight to https://seller.alibaba.com/pages/gpc? create a seller account to upload your products

Export Hub

Don’t stop at one platform, head straight to exporthub.com to set up an account, search for buyers. You can also get orders from buyers.

Online visibility

Have an online presence for your ginger export business. The first point of call for a prospective buyer is Google or other search engines.

Google My Business is a free tool you can use, you can get a free website URL for your business on GMB.

If you’re a good content marketer, you can explore LinkedIn to find buyers and connect with the world.

Export and payment

So, you’ve found a buyer, it’s time to start selling after obtaining export licence from NEPC.

Make an arrangement with the buyer on the medium or mode of payment. This could be done through cash in advance through bank wire, letter of credit, or draft documentary.


In 2019, Nigerian ginger exporters earned $10.4million, more could be made from the product if it’s fully explored.

The Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment is working with the Ginger Association of Nigeria on how Nigeria can become the leading exporter of the product. This means that the market continues to expand and grow to meet global demand

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