Using Mobile Forms App to For TraderMoni

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Mobile Forms is a company that uses mobile technology plus network of field agents to gather data for government, local and international businesses.

This post is to guide you on how to make money with your mobile device working with Mobile Forms.

I’ll share with you how I get paid the sum of N31,000 within a week collating tradermoni data for Mobile Forms. However, you must diligently follow this guide to achieve a significant result.

Mobile Forms is one of the partners of Bank of Industry in the collation of petty traders’ data, that’s why you’re going to need Mobile Forms App to be able to work and get paid collating data.

If at the time of reading this guide collation of data of traders has ended, you don’t need to be worried because the data collation firm will contact you when there are other data collation projects.

Before you get started, please make sure GPS of your device is switched on “Google Location” If you don’t know where to locate the GPS of your device, check the tips below:

So let’s get started…

How to fill TraderMoni enumeration form using mobile forms app.

Follow the step by step guide below to start collating data:

Step 1:

To begin as a mobile Form field agent you’ll have to first head straight to mobile store to download the app.

Search for “Mobile Forms” from Google Play Store.: Find it HERE

There are different forms on the store, check the screen shot below for the right one to download and launch the app by clicking on “Open”

Step 2:

Click “Sign Up” and enter your email, set a password, your first name, last name and your mobile phone number. Please use an active phone number.

Step 3:

Use your email and password to login to gain full access to the Mobile Forms App.

Step 4:

The first thing you do within the Mobile Forms App is to fill Field Agent Registration Form. You need to fill this form in order to assist Mobile Forms management assign to you the best assignment.

Before you do this, it’s advisable to activate your location.

Mobile Forms App: How to activate GPS on your device (phone)

Go access your device “SETTINGS”

Locate “Location” tap on it to switch on Google Location

Note: If your “Mode” is “High accuracy” click on it and select “Device Only” i.e use GPS to determine location.

Step 5:

The next is filling Mobile Forms Field Agent Registration Form

Here are the 20 spaces for you to fill: 1) First name, 2) Last, 3) Gender, 4) Phone Number, 5) Your email address, 6) Date of birth, 7) Select your country, 8) State of residence, 9) Local Government Area of residence, 10) House Address, 11) Your educational qualification, 12) Other languages you speak.

13) How you hear about mobile forms: Here, select Other (not in the list) Specify other (how you hear about mobile forms): Type


Note: Use @ for (at) and use the normal dot as you would for your email address.

14 Select your field of interest: Choose filed survey

15 Are you interested in working as a Mobile Money Agent? Choose NO. If you choose YES, it means you will have to fund your account to get started. As a beginner simply pick “NO”

16 Bank: Choose your bank, 17) Account number: Enter your correct bank account for payment when an assignment is completed, 18) BVN.

19) Capture GPS: This is where some prospective mobile forms field agents encounter problem. To successfully submit your profile, you must activate Google Location on your device (GSM only)

So click, “Tap Here” to capture GPS

You should see your profile form submitted successfully.


In a very RARE situation where the field agent profile form doesn’t show up on your first login, then click “Account Settings” and choose edit profile.

That’s all for your profile, then send your email address to the referral email I gave you in profile No. 13.above for the Trader Enumeration Form to be shared with you.

When the form is shared with you switch off your phone and on it again to access the TraderMoni Enumeration Form. This ca be found under “All Forms”

That’s how to download Mobile Forms App and fill field agent profile.

Let’s move right into filling trader enumeration form.

How to fill TraderMoni Enumeration Form using Mobile Forms App

Step 1:

Click the form and click “Click to get started”

Step 2:

This form and details you are going to fill here are the traders’ details and not yours again. It has 19 spaces. Let’s go straight to the aspect that could give you some challenges.

If a trader isn’t willing to give you his/her bank account details, choose “NO” under “Do you have a bank account, and also skip the