Google Pixel 2 Rumours: Specs and Release Date

The upcoming Google Pixel 2 will make gadgets lovers around the world yearn for more. But then the powerful machine will definitely give Apple, Samsung, and LG a run for their flagship money.

If there’s where competition strife, it’s definitely the tech industry: one tries to outshine others.

Google hasn’t released an official statement about G Pixel 2, but tech analysts are coming up with something worth looking at: call it rumours, and you won’t be wrong!

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Google Pixel 2 (Rumoured) Specifications

  • No headphone jack
  • 6-inch screen for Pixel 2 XL and 5 inches for Pixel 2 (according to XDA Developers
  • Curved OLED screen with a similar aspect ratio to the Galaxy S8
  • Squeezable sides
  • Waterproof design
  • Either a Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor
  • RAM at least 4GB
  • OS: Android O
  • Storage: 64/128GB

Release Date

It obvious that Google Pixel 2 will be launched before the end of 2017, Vice President of Hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh, confirmed it in an interview at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

“You can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now” he says.

If the previous editions Google Pixel and Pixel XL were released in October, so it’s reasonable to expect another released at around the same time of the year.


It may be difficult to accurately predict the market price when it’s eventually released, Google’s Pixel series have always been expensive, which isn’t for the masses.

The replacement for the Pixel XL could command a higher premium than today’s model, says TechRadar, which currently starts at N280,823.42, if $1 equals N365.18.

The entry-level Pixel costs N237,001.82 using the same dollar to Nigerian naira equivalent.


Toms Guide, which quoted Slashgear’s report, say the next wave of Google Pixel phones are expected to include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 platform. That’s the same mobile processing platform that powers the Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 and HTC U11.

With this kind of processor, we expect the Pixel 2 phones to last longer on a charge than their predecessors.


XDA Developers says that the back of the Pixel 2 will be similar to last year’s model with a two-tone glass and metal finish.

According to a new report from Android Headlines, Google is once again taking a colorful approach to its Pixel 2 design.

The report says Google is planning to use unconventional colors in the handset. The Android Headlines source didn’t reveal what colors Google might opt for, and also hasn’t said when the company might finalize its color options with the smartphone.

Another report from 9to5Google suggests that the Pixel 2 will ditch the headphone jack, which is backed up by XDA Developers.

In its report on the leaked Pixel XL2 image, Android Police said the new phone will have squeezable sides for controlling the Google Assistant.

A subsequent report from XDA Developers also pointed to a squeezable Pixel 2, which noted that the feature will work whether the phone is on or off.

You’ll also be able to adjust how your squeezes activate the assistant. As described, the feature sounds similar to one HTC introduced in the HTC U11 this year.


Not much is being said about the cameras on the Pixel 2 phones, but XDA Developers reports that it will be a single lens instead of two, which means you shouldn’t expect features like a true optical zoom or Portrait mode that blurs out the background. In comparison,  iPhone 7 Plus offers that feature.

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