I’m SUPER RICH to collect money from government, Bishop Oyedepo boasts

Last Updated on December 6, 2018 by Ope Quadri

Founder and Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel, David Oyedepo said he has never and will never collect money from any government official because he is super rich.

While describing his wealth Bishop Oyedepo described himself as a “dangerously wealthy man” whose wealth comes from God.

He was speaking at the opening session of Shiloh 2018, the annual gathering of the members of the church at its International Headquarters, Canaan Land, Ota in Ogun State, to debunk the insinuation that he received kicks from PDP government when they were in power.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience. I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said.

While delivering his sermon titled “Heralding the Dominion Era of the Church,” Oyedepo emphasized that the church is a powerful body in any nation and it can decide the fate of anyone or anything. According to him, the authority that enthroned the church was from heaven and not man-made.

“It is not something that we organise; it is by the hand of God. You can be upset, it won’t change anything,” he said

Oyedepo is one of the richest men of God ever liveth.

The Bishop was seen at a reconciliatory meeting at Ota home of former President Olusegun Obasanjo when PDP Presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections came to beg his former boss and seek his support for his presidential ambition.

Oyedepo is seen as one of the critics of the APC-led government, and Aso Rock have admonished men of God to steer of politics, apparently sending message to Oyedepo and other clergymen who are outspoken.

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