How Much Can Elon Musk Make from Twitter Verification Subscription?

Controversy isn’t strange to Elon Musk, the World’s wealthiest man and the new owner of the microblogging platform Twitter. His determination to be the sole owner of Twitter began when he started buying Twitter shares and later became the largest shareholder of the social media platform in April 2022 with a 9.1% ownership stake. The … Read more

15 Benefits of Doing Business in Hawaii

The Aloha State is not just about its lovely islands and rainbows, but it is a habitation that can help investors grow their investments. The state is open to businesses of any type (large or small), even if you want to expand. With a population of over 1.4 million and 137,328 small businesses in the … Read more

7 Benefits of incorporating a business in Alabama

In 2021, over 28 million tourists visited Alabama. They spent $19.6 billion. So, tourism is one of the biggest industries, according to the state’s tourism industry economic impact report 2021. Apart from the tourism industry which represents 8.2% of Alabama’s Gross State Product – which was overall production in 2021, including other business opportunities in … Read more

15 Benefits of Doing Business in Utah

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5 Benefits of Doing Business in Georgia (USA)

Statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy revealed that there are over 1 million small businesses in Georgia (United States) providing different forms of job opportunities for residents in the state. While several big organizations are doing well in Georgia as rightly expected, small businesses make up over 98% of all commercial ventures … Read more