20 Factors Foreign Investors Must Consider Before Investing In Nigeria

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Any investor in the United States, Germany, and Italy among other advanced economies who wishes to their business to Africa, will most likely put Nigeria on their list despite many challenges confronting the country. Summary: Nigeria has a large and ever growing market, availability of hydrocarbon resources, and commendable FDI policy, yet poorly developed transport … Read more

6 Apps That Let You Invest In U.S. Stocks From Nigeria

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Some years back, an investor had to locate a stockbroker, fill out forms, and wait till the end of the financial year to receive dividends which were usually delivered through the postal service. It was even more difficult to invest in foreign stock back then. Today, that has changed, FinTech has simplified foreign investments and … Read more

30 Countries to Find Foreign Buyers for Ginger


In 2019, ginger export brought in $10.4million for Nigeria. In this guide, we’ll show you at least 30 countries where you can find international buyers for ginger which is also known as chita in the North. Apart from its medicinal use, ginger is used for spices and the demand for it in the international continues … Read more

20 Major Real Estate Mistakes Investor Should Avoid


If you’re just getting started as a real estate investor, you can’t be a professional overnight. You would make mistakes. But does it really worth it to make mistakes with millions of naira? This is why it is very important to do your due diligence and talk to a professional who perfectly understands the local … Read more

20 Profitable Industries Nigerians Abroad Can Invest In Back Home


Nigeria is filled with investment opportunities, but the major challenge facing millions of people at home is finance while hundreds of Nigerians abroad are at crossroads over how and where to invest their monies. Apart from the issue of trust and the fear of falling victim to some dubious friends and family members back home, … Read more

20 Profitable Ways to Invest With Small Money in Nigeria

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You don’t really need to wait till you become the wealthiest man before you start investing. You can start to invest with your small money. In one of our business guides, we talked about hot businesses you can start in Nigeria with little capital, in this post, we’ll be covering some pertinent questions in relation … Read more

How To Invest In Corporate Bonds in Nigeria With Low Risk

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Do you want to make extra money in Nigeria? Investing in bonds is one of the lucrative ways you need to consider if you want to have multiple sources of income. We’ll tell you the six hottest reasons you should put your money on bonds and the right people to talk to. We discovered that … Read more

10 Actionable Ways To Grow Your Online Car Dealership Business

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A few weeks ago I was searching for an affordable car on social media which made me explore social media. The number of vehicle-related Facebook Groups I found was overwhelming. For sellers, social media is a huge place to grow their car dealership business online. If you haven’t started using it for sales, you are … Read more

How To Profit From The Fall Of Ripple (XRP)

How To Make Profit From The Fall Of Ripple (XRP)

The value of bitcoin is going to influence the price of other altcoins for the next decade if not more. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, we’ve witnessed how cryptos have fallen and risen over time. So, how exactly can you profit from the fall of ripple (XRP), one of the cryptos currently facing some … Read more

5 Qualities Make Anglo-Nubian Goat

Anglo-Nubian Goat

The Anglo-Nubian goat is a crossbreed between the British goats and bucks of African and Indian origin, which can also be found in Northern Nigeria. This specie is a multipurpose goat for the production of milk, meat, and hide. In this post, we’ll share with you important information about Anglo-Nubian doe and buck. Characteristics of Anglo-Nubian Goat … Read more