TRUE STORY of Mustapha Mompha: His Cars, Wealth, and Business

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UAB Computer Forensics expert has revealed how Mustapha Mompha made his money. He was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Friday, October 18, 2019.

Mompha wife and kids

You’ll later find out what the computer expert says about the Nigerian millionaire in later part of this post.

But first…

Quick facts about Mompha:

  1. He is 40 years old
  2. 1st African to buy the $450,000 Rolls Royce Wraight Eagle Viii.
  3. He owns a $330,000 2018 Rolls Royce Wraith
  4. A $300,000 Ferrari 488 Spider
  5. A $417,826 2019 Lamborghini Aventador
  6. $265,500 Mclaren 650s & more
  7. Mompha is richer than some Nigerians who call themselves a millionaire

The anti-graft agency picked him, saying he is under investigation for perpetrating high level of internet fraud and scam.

Those who closely monitor the trends most especially on Instagram will definitely say Mompha Mustapha is a millionaire and that he likes to flaunt it, if you’ve got it why not show it. That’s simply his message.

Mompha state of origin


  • What’s Mompha’s real name?
  • Who is Ismaila Mustapha Mompha?
  • What kind of business does he do?
  • What is his net worth in dollars?
  • Why was he arrested by interpol and handed over to EFCC?
  • His connection with politicians
  • What’s the value of his cars including his 2018 Rolls Royce?
  • His contact details

All these and other things you’d find in this special report specifically written to let you know some of the never told stories of how Mompha made his money.

Before we delve into the full gist, lemme quickly share this with you: I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago about the richest people in Nigeria.

While I stated that the richest people in Nigeria are those whose business and investments can be quantified my friend said something striking: He said the richest people in Nigeria are the politicians and their associates, and those who do errands for them.

Mompha wikipedia

“These people will never come clean to state their source of income, when they do the live far higher than than total value of their business.”

That’s on the side….


What’s Mompha’s real name?

His real name is Ismaila Mustapha, but adopted the Mompha for his business name which has literally become his name. Sometimes, some people call him Mustapha Mompha. Whichever one you prefer to call him, the point is you are still referring to the same flamboyant Nigerian millionaire.

Here are the few things we know about him,

Date of birth: June 16 1979

School attended: Government College Ikorodu

Business Name: Mompha Bureau De Change with an office at Bankole street, Balogun of Lagos Island.

Business Type: Foreign exchange

Marital Life: Married with two kids: A boy and a girl

Mustapha Mompha is a socialite and very popular among the big boys in Nigeria most especially top politicians within the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Mustapha Mompha has got the money and more powerful people want to be his friends. Making friends is easy when you control millions of dollars, but may be difficult to know who is actually your friend.

What kind of business does Mustapha Mompha do?

Well, as we stated above he is the Chief Executive Officer of Mompha Bureau De Change, a registered BDC registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to handle the exchange of foreign money which some Nigerians prefer to call hard currencies in the black market.

mompha mustapha

Officially, that’s what we know Big Boy Mompha does, though he has been accused by EFCC of internet fraud. The anti-graft agency may have to charge him to court with convincing points that he is indeed an internet fraudster.

If he is innocent, then EFCC may be charged for defamation and pay huge millions of Naira in damages to the millionaire big boy who is close to people in the corridor of power.

What is his net worth in dollars?

Mompha is worth several millions of dollars if converted to Nigerian Naira, we can conveniently say he’s a BILLIONAIRE yes, he’s got several millions of dollars in his account considering his wristwatches, expensive collection of multi-million dollar cars, expensive flight and holidays around the world with his wife and two kids.

5 reason why we believe Mustapha Mompha is a billionaire?

Ismail Mustapha Mompha net worth

  1. He flies only in chattered private jets around the World and once in a while he could be found First Class Private Suites with top Nigerian celebs.
  2. He was once quoted as saying, “Well, I never wanted a million-dollar face with a dollar in my pocket, that’s fame. I always want millions of dollars in my bank and I care less if nobody knows who I am.”
  3. Mompha’s fleet of cars is worth several millions of dollars. In his garage are: New model Range Rover, New model G-Wagon, latest edition of Mercedes Benz and lots of other toys for his wife and kids to cruise around within his lavishly expensive mansion in Dubai and in Nigeria when he’s in town.
  4. He once posed with $4million US dollars cash. That’s worth N1.4 Billion Nigerian Naira.
  5. Mompha has in his wardrobe more than 70 pair of Christian Louboutin signed by MR Christian Loubotin. That collection worth several millions of dollars.
  6. Finally, found on him at the time of his arrest was just five wristwatches valued at over N20, 000, 000. He has several collections of such wrist watches made with gold, diamond or silver.

So Mompha is a billionaire, yes BILLIONAIRE you heard that right, but whether he’s worth N2 billion,N5 billion or N10 billion or more we can’t precisely say.

Why Mompha was arrested by Interpol and handed over to EFCC?

The Lagos Zonal office of EFCC detained him an alleged involvement in internet-related fraud and money laundering.

He was arrested on Friday 18, October 2019 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on his way to United Arab Emirate (UAE).

EFCC said, “actionable cross border intelligence received from collaborative law enforcement agencies about his alleged involvement in the criminal activities further strengthened our suspicion”.
EFCC says he perpetrates his online fraud under the guise of being BDC operator, saying its a decoy to launder his proceeds of crime.

What’s the value of his cars including his 2018 Rolls Royce?

In 2018, he acquired the latest model of Rolls Royce 2018 worth close to N200 million.

Connection with politicians

During election campaigns, it was speculated that he handled foreign exchange worth several millions of dollars for Nigerian politicians.

Mompha wrist watches

Is he a Yahoo Boy?

According to a forensic and computer expert, Mompha is likely to an online scammer who hides his wealth in Dubai.

While praising the giant strides made by EFCC, GarWarner said, “If you aren’t a big follower of West African crime, you won’t understand how HUGE this news is! #Mompha is a “Top Ten” #BEC (Business Email Compromise) scammer / criminal who mostly hides with his money in Dubai.”

Gar Warner is UAB Computer Forensics — Researching Malware & Social Networks of Criminals. But Mompha said he isn’t a criminal.

Mompha on Instagram:

His Instagram is verified, find him @mompha

What again do you want to know about Mompha? Share your thoughts with us



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