20 Profitable Business Ideas in Kentucky

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There are numerous lucrative business ideas in Kentucky to exploit and take advantage of. It is one of the strategically-located states that favor certain businesses, especially distribution and logistics businesses.

According to Cabinet for Economic Development (CED), Kentucky ranks as one of the best states for the cost of doing business.

The state’s strategic location makes it a top choice for entrepreneurs, especially those wanting to go into the distribution and logistics business.


Ranking 37th by land size, Kentucky shares borders with seven states. Below are the small business ideas you can start in Bluegrass State

Anyone looking to start a business can consider Kentucky for investing as it provides many business opportunities for businessmen and women. Below are the 20 easy-to-start business ideas in Kentucky.

Photography Business

A photography business is one of the business ideas in the state. Once you have the proper skills, you would mainly require a camera to offer your services. According to the level of your work and referrals, you can earn a lot from your photo editing skills.

Logistics Service

The State of Kentucky is a good place for logistics business. And here is why. To the North, it shares borders with Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois; to the east, it borders Virginia and West Virginia; and with Tennessee and Missouri to the south and the west respectively.

This makes the state a large distribution hub for investors to connect goods to and from other states it borders.

Car Wash Business

This is a service you can offer car owners who don’t have the time to do the washing. An individual skilled in car washing can suitably start this type of business in Kentucky.

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It remains one of the profitable business ideas if you consistently offer good services and effectively promote your business.

Pet Food/Supplies Shop

Thousands of Kentucky residents have pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs etc, so running a pet food or supplies shop will be lucrative for pet owners.

The business does not require much capital as one can promote their products online for customers to see and suitably make their orders.

You can even go as far as starting a pet website and focusing on a particular breed. After building a loyal audience, you can promote your online or physical store.

Vending Machine Business

Starting a vending machine business is relatively easy. You must carefully determine what you want to sell and decide the best location to reach your targeted customers.

Wood Products Business

There’s a massive demand for quality wood products, and this proves to be a good business idea in Kentucky. One would need to consider a good location to site the business and get a reliable supplier of quality wood products.

Freelancing Content Writer

There are numerous business opportunities in Kentucky for a creative and skilled content writer. An individual can consider building a portfolio and personal brand to attract high-paying clients. You can consider building a team of writers who will handle specific content jobs.

Opening a Liquor Store

The ever-increasing number of individuals like to relax and grab a drink. One can offer this service and get a bartender to attend to customers’ needs.

Digital Printing Business

The digital printing business is one of the most lucrative and popular business ideas one can start in Kentucky. An individual must acquire an excellent retail location and get a standard printing machine. You can start with a small and affordable machine before getting a bigger one.

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DJ Services

Providing DJ services is also a good business idea. G the necessary rental materials and utilize them to offer services at events. Also, you would need to update your DJ skills to keep your audience entertained.

Billboard Business

There are multiple business ideas that an individual can comfortably take advantage of in Kentucky. The billboard business is great if you can handle, plan and create diverse, thrilling, and attractive marketing advertisements.

Cellphone Repair Business

If you are an individual that knows the basis of repairing a cellphone, you can consider starting up this type of business in Kentucky. It does not require much investment, and one can start by offering their services to friends and family.

Tutorial Service

A tutorial service business is an excellent idea for one to establish. It is currently one of the most famous and in-demand services. One would need to focus on a specific field and advertise their services to attract clients.

Food Business

Offering food services is an ideal business given the necessity of food for survival, and also, many people are too busy to cook.

Creating a Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the most visited platforms where numerous video content is posted daily. This is a good business idea one can constantly post diverse videos to help people solve problems or teach skills.

As your subscribers grow, you can monetize your channel through Adsense to make money from your content. You can also earn from your channel by promoting products that are related to your content.

Custom Gift Store

Establishing a custom gift store remains one of the hugely profiting businesses for one to consider. Despite a large number of competitors, it’s still one of the most profitable businesses to start a business

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Dance Coach

Becoming a dance coach would require one to have the skill and experience of dancing. If you are one with this ability, you can open a dance coaching business. Getting a studio would be ideal, and you would also need to promote your services.

Offering Babysitting Services

Babysitting services are one of the most accessible and profitable businesses to start in Kentucky. The state has a large number of working couples who are in constant need of a trusted and reliable babysitting service.

Establishing A Barbershop

Opening a barbershop is another excellent business idea that business-minded individuals can start in Kentucky. Once you have the skills, this specific type of business would enable you to make a lot of money.

Grocery Store

A grocery store is one of the massively profitable businesses one can consider for establishment in Kentucky. Kentucky has many residents who constantly purchase household items ranging from food to drinks. An individual can consider establishing this type of business.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a business that involves the selling of various products without the need to carry these products physically.

If you want to establish this business, you would need to get a reliable supplier and then seek customers for whom you will supply these products. You can start by opening a store on Shopify.


Irrespective of the above businesses you plan to start, there are laws guiding business setup and registration in the United States.

You must also obtain a license for the kind of business or service you plan to render.

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